New electric mobility: which one to choose?

With the ever more rapid development of new technologies, the means of transport are also evolving. Especially the individual means. But among all the new technologies, which one should you choose to move around your city with peace of mind? Discover the new electric mobility, their advantages and disadvantages!

The electric bike

The electric bike is one of the most popular electric mobility devices. It is simply a normal bike, equipped with a small motor that can take over and help on difficult climbs.

Ecological and economical, it is ideal for discovering the different districts of a city center or for walking around the outskirts. The only drawback is that if you want to walk a bit, you have to find a place to hang it. Impossible to take it with you, impossible to leave it unprotected.

In addition, electric bikes are often expensive to purchase and maintain.

The hoverboard

In another category, the hoverboard is also a very popular means of electric transportation. This small board is placed under your feet, in line with your body. By balancing, swinging and pushing, you can move the hoverboard wherever you want. It is also an ecological and economical means of transportation, very trendy a few months ago.

However, even if it can be carried in a specialized bag (unlike a bicycle), the hoverboard is not always the right alternative. For the simple reason that in addition to being expensive to buy, the hoverboard can be complicated to master. You have to spend many hours working on your balance to get it to move. In addition, it is ineffective in steep climbs.

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The gyropod

Gyropods, on the other hand, are the equivalent of a hoverboard with hand supports and handles. This makes it easier to steer than a hoverboard, although there is still some balance work to be done to fully control it.

Indeed, the gyropod also works according to balance and impulse principles. Steering it fully involves spending some time learning how to manage it.

The disadvantage of this individual means of transportation is that, like the bicycle, you can't take it anywhere you want. First, it's not very efficient on steep hills. Second, when you're done using it and want to walk around and do some sightseeing, you can't leave it where you want. You might find it in bad shape, or you might not find it at all.

The electric skateboard

In the traditional way, you can also opt for an electric skateboard. Normal board or longboard, it's up to you! Of course, the skateboard requires a little exercise to fully grasp the impulses to steer it.

Ineffective in climbing, the electric skateboard has the advantage of being able to be stored in a bag provided for this purpose. Perfect to visit without getting tired, no matter what the circumstances!

The electric scooter

Finally, you can opt for an electric scooter. Otherwise more efficient on all types of roads, there is a scooter for every circumstance of visit and tourism.

Whether on slopes or on flat ground, the electric scooter has all the necessary characteristics to ensure the success of your visits in the city.

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To ensure your back and be able to use your electric scooter in all circumstances, think of the Dualtron Victor! Foldable, powerful and completely safe, it is the right alternative for all electric scooter outings.

It is even equipped with an LCD screen on the handlebars, and can have a set of accessories to facilitate its daily use.

Safety, speed, efficiency in all circumstances: nothing like an electric scooter for your outings in town!

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