Discovering the world of connected home trainers

The cold sets in, the rain threatens, and yet you feel the absence of your bike. The solution? The connected home trainer. This tool allows you to keep pedaling, in the warmth, while enjoying a fun, high-performance experience. Let's embark on a journey into the world of the home trainer, a fast-growing discipline that is winning over more and more amateur and seasoned cyclists alike.

What is a connected home trainer?

The connected home trainer is a device that lets you cycle indoors while simulating an outdoor outing. Simply attach your bike to it and you're ready to go. Connected to a dedicated application such as Zwift or Trainer RoadIt offers an ultra-realistic virtual cycling experience by modifying resistance according to road profile.

The different types of home trainers

There are two main types of home trainer: the classic home trainer, where you attach a wheel, and the direct-drive home trainer.

In the first case, the rear wheel of your bike is in contact with a roller that creates resistance. The wheel therefore remains active, which may cause a slight loss of power due to friction.

In the second case, we remove the bicycle's rear wheel and attach the bike directly to the device. Resistance is therefore constant. These models are generally more expensive, but offer a better feel and greater precision.

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The budget question

Investing in a home trainer obviously depends on your budget. Starting with the second-hand market, you can find quality home trainers for less.

But don't forget the cost of a subscription to a virtual cycling application. Indeed, without this fun dimension, home trainer training can quickly become boring. The combination of a low-cost home trainer and a subscription to a virtual cycling application can be a good compromise for getting started.

Home trainer maintenance

Contrary to what you might think, the home trainer requires no special maintenance. Regular cleaning of the cassette is all that's needed to keep it running smoothly. No engineering skills are required to maintain your home trainer!

Impact on endurance and heart rate

A recurring question concerns the impact of home trainers on endurance. Indeed, since home trainer sessions are generally shorter, some people worry about losing stamina.

Rest assured, if you already have a solid endurance base, the home trainer will complement it. On the other hand, if you start your training with exclusive home trainer training, with short, intense sessions, you may find yourself lacking a little in the long term.

As far as heart rate is concerned, some people report a lower heart rate on the home trainer than on the road. This can be explained by the fact that you don't express yourself at 100% on the home trainer, either out of apprehension, or because you don't put yourself in the same conditions as on the road.

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The world of connected home trainers: a universe to discover

As you can see, the connected home trainer offers a host of possibilities for cycling enthusiasts. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned cyclist, this tool will keep you pedaling, whatever the weather, while offering a fun, high-performance experience. So, are you ready for adventure?

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