How do I repair a water leak on a lead pipe?

When you have a leak in your lead pipes, you need to notify your plumber very quickly. A water leak can turn into a real disaster very quickly, which is why your repairman must intervene on the spot to make the necessary repairs. For example, to seal the leak, it is possible to use adhesive tape, plugging paste or putty. Of course, the repairman will know which solution is best suited to your situation.

Who can repair a water leak?

In case of need of a water leak repair Paris 15, It is imperative that you contact a plumbing professional. He can help you repair a water leak in accordance with safety standards. Before calling him to your home, you should turn off the water tap to avoid overconsumption of water. As a professional in the sector, the plumber will try to locate the source of the leak. As a professional plumber, he will try to locate the source of the leak and will use a non-destructive search technique to avoid breaking or destroying your walls.

Finally, whether the leak concerns your pipes, toilets, water heaters, radiators, sinks or others, you can fix it by calling a qualified plumberIf you have a water leak in your toilet due to a seal failure, it must be changed and replaced. To do this, the plumber can use a hacksaw to cut the clamping ring of the drain sleeve. Thus, simply remove the old seal and replace it with a new identical model. Finally, the seal must be secured to ensure its proper functioning.

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How to unclog a buried pipe?  

If you have a clog that is blocking the flow of water through your pipes, it should be removed by contacting a qualified professional. The professional can dissolve the clog with the appropriate tools. One of these tools is the ferret, which is a rigid metal rod with a hook at the end. The purpose of the ferret is to pierce the blockage and clean the clogged pipe.

To unclog the drain with a ferret, insert it into the drain where the clog is located and crank it forward. It is best to repeat the operation until the ferret reaches the clog. Another tool is the garden hose. This unclogging technique is very effective in removing small clogs. To do this, the garden hose must be introduced into your pipe until it reaches the blockage. Back and forth strokes are required to quickly dislodge and dissolve the clog.

In addition, to unclog your pipes, the plumber recommends the use of unclogging nozzles. This alternative is beneficial especially if the clog is in a buried pipe. Thus, the nozzles will allow to destroy easily the blockage and to release the passage of water. In all cases, the presence of a professional is recommended. He will make sure to give you valuable advice to get rid of all clogs. Therefore, if you want to fight against clogs, it is best to maintain your pipes regularly.  

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For example, you can use soda crystals to clean your pipes and eliminate the spread of foul odors. Professionals often advise against the use of chemicals because they are aggressive and can crack your pipes. To find out more about this, you can request a personalized estimate through which the expert will be able to help you as soon as possible.

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