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Created in 2018, Mes Allocs is a web platform that allows you to simulate for free and in two minutes all the aid you are eligible for. The advantage of this platform is that in one place you can estimate your rights thanks to the simulator that gathers all kinds of financial aid: CAF, CROUS, Pôle Emploi, regional aid, departmental aid, city aid, and many others. After having simulated your rights and being accompanied in all your steps, you can subscribe to the paying support service.

Why Mes Allocs ?

If Mes Allocs was created, it is because each year more than ten billion euros of social aid are not claimed.

This lack of demand from eligible individuals can be explained by many factors, such as:

  • Administrative complexity;
  • Modesty;
  • Lack of time;
  • A blockage with a social agency;
  • A lack of awareness of rights;
  • A bad past experience.

Traditional social services are often overwhelmed by the ever-increasing number of requests, it becomes impossible to process them all simultaneously and respond to everyone without falling behind. Mes Allocs is the personal finance assistant of CSP. Indeed, their objective is to help you improve your purchasing power, not only by obtaining all the aid you can claim but also by reducing your daily expenses: electricity, gas, internet, telephone, monthly credit payments, etc.

Between 2018 and 2020, My Allowances has saved an average of €800 on individuals' bills.

If Mes Allocs wishes to accompany you throughout your steps by allowing you to have access to the free simulator it is to help you to improve your purchasing power and to assert your rights.

What is the My Allowances tool?

To allow everyone to improve their purchasing power, Mes Allocs offers an online simulation tool.

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Entirely free of charge, it allows each user to access in less than two minutes their eligibility for all the financial aid listed.

Unlike traditional simulators, their simulator groups all financial and social aid in a single questionnaire.

Thanks to the free simulator Mes Allocs you will discover your eligibility:

  • To family allowances ;
  • To the CAF or MSA ;
  • To aids for adults with disabilities;
  • To the Pôle Emploi aid ;
  • To all credits;
  • To departmental benefits;
  • To training aids;

It is important to remember that the right to access financial aid is free.

On the site Mes Allocs you will find for free :

  • Hundreds of guide articles on the various social aid schemes and other good plans to improve the purchasing power of individuals;
  • The ability to ask an expert questions about entitlements and supports;
  • The simulation tool allowing you to know your eligibility to all the aid schemes.

The 100 % online support platform of Mes Allocs is a complement that relieves traditional social services. Thus, social workers can get rid of the boring administrative work and focus on the highest added value of their job: the human social support.

By noting that nearly "2.5 million phantom individuals would benefit from 30 billion euros of undue social benefits". Source Valeurs actuelles. Mes Allocs contributes to the fight against fraud, which is increasingly present, which is why the experts of the platform verify all the declarations of their customers.

Mes Allocs : for whom ?

The Mes Allocs support service is not free of charge and is aimed at all individuals who do not claim their rights to aid, either because they are unaware of the aid schemes, or because they lack the time, or because they are embarrassed or simply because they are phobic about administration. The goal is to act as a complement to traditional social services to facilitate access to aid, by providing those who wish to have a single point of contact to advise them in all their administrative procedures.

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In more than two years, Mes Allocs has helped nearly 10,000 non-recipients to claim their rights.

In addition to social aid, Mes Allocs is committed to helping individuals in their professional reintegration, by helping them to write their CVsWe can also help you find jobs through partner recruitment agencies. To go further, the Mes Allocs expert can also advise you on the available training that suits you, for which it is possible to use training aids.

How much does it cost to have someone accompany you?

As we have already seen, access to the financial and social aid simulator is completely free. If you need assistance in the application process, you can subscribe to the administrative and social support service for a fee.

This service allows you to have a dedicated expert available at any time by email or phone, he/she advises you and guides you throughout your procedures (aid, taxes, social security, writing official letters, job search, training ... the list is long!) and the evolution of your situation. The subscription fee for their administrative and social support service is €29.90 for the application fee and €29.90 per quarter, which can be cancelled at any time without charge.

As soon as your contract is effective thanks to the electronic signature, a Mes Allocs expert will contact you to review your current situation and answer all your questions.

At the end of your administrative procedures, the amount of aid for which you are eligible is paid directly into your bank account. The expert Mes Allocs also takes charge of reducing all your daily expenses.

With this single point of contact to assist you in all your procedures, you will no longer need to travel and will also save time, while improving your purchasing power with complete peace of mind

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