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How to install a toilet seat?

change toilet seat

The seat of your toilet is broken, and you have to replace it? Or do you simply want to replace your outdated toilet seat with a more modern one? Installing a toilet seat doesn't require much knowledge of plumbing...

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Routine care for dogs

bladi dz

Dogs, like people, need regular care. Some care requires a visit to a veterinarian, while other, more common, care can be provided by the owner himself, at home. Veterinary care and its importance ...

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Which plants to use to lose weight naturally?


We thought we knew everything about natural methods based on plants, until their number was estimated to be very low. A more precise research allows us to affirm that they are abundant and effective especially for weight loss. In this article, you will discover the most ...

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Enjoying your vacation with a rental car

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A lush setting, the blue of the sea, a paradisiacal landscape, you have a picture in mind. It's Martinique, a key destination during the vacations. However, before arriving in the West Indies, it is better to book a car to fully enjoy ...

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The missions of a general building company


For the execution of work of capital importance, to call upon a company of work all trades is the best of the options. Whether it's a business premises or a house, it is possible to contract by trade...

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Tips for planning a stress-free wedding


The wedding is a very important event for the future bride and groom. It must be perfect and up to their expectations. However, it is not an easy thing, especially when talking about the preparation. Between the choice of the ...

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How to open a lock with a key inside

professional locksmith rate

Like everyone, it happens that one day we forget the keys inside our homes without having a spare on us. This is a real headache, that's why we wrote this article. Discover ...

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What are combat sports?

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We can list about twenty combat sports currently. The disciplines are declined in several kinds in order to adapt to all the profiles of sportsmen and to all the needs. In boxing alone, for example, you can choose between ...

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How to manage a crisis situation in a couple?

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A couple in crisis, it is not new, you would say! Indeed, all couples go through periods of crisis one day or another, the difference is that some end up separating. The daily routines, the conciliation of family life ...

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What are the occasions to please your mother?

opportunities to please your mother

From the time her child is born until he becomes an adult, a mother always takes care of him. It is therefore logical that she should want to show her appreciation and love. Generally, children tend to wait for Mother's Day to give her a gift and thus give her pleasure. However, there are many occasions when they can do so.

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How to react to a person in cardiorespiratory arrest?

how to react to cardio respiratory arrest

Cardiac arrests cause about 50,000 deaths in France every year. That's about 100 deaths per day. According to the latest statistics, nearly 70 % of these accidents happen at home, while the rest occur either in public places or on the public highway. This is why it is important to have the right reflexes when faced with such a complication.

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