What precautions should I take before starting tree pruning?

Pruning is the selective cutting of the branches of a tree. More precisely, it consists in ridding the plant of its superfluous and hazardous branches. It involves the removal of suckers, dead, rotten or damaged wood. Although it seems easy to perform, tree pruning is a complex operation that is particularly risky. Several risks are indeed linked to its implementation (e.g.: fall in the fast, electrocution, serious injuries, etc.). To avoid accidents, it is necessary to take some precautions before its realization. We talk about it in this article. Find out!

Check the reliability of the security equipment

As you will have understood, fatal accidents can occur during pruning work if care is not taken. Moreover, the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory during their execution. This equipment allows the worker to work at height in complete safety. Among other things, it consists of a safety helmet, glasses and hearing protection, a suit and anti-cutting gloves, non-slip boots, a safety harness and various rope systems.

However, wearing PPE is not enough. To ensure safety, the operator must first check the reliability of the PPE. If it is defective, he will have to use another PPE that is in good condition.

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Determine the right time to prune trees

The choice of the period for prune the trees has a considerable impact on the well-being of the tree. In order not to damage it, it will be necessary to choose carefully the moment to carry out the work. This generally depends on the species of the plant, its age and its environment. Traditionally, pruning work is undertaken in late fall or winter for practical reasons. Since there is less foliage, it is easier to move between the branches and detect those that need to be cut. Even so, it is advisable to call in a tree trimmer for this type of operation.

In addition, a pruning Winter pruning is less aggressive than spring or summer pruning. During winter, the sap is concentrated in the root. The cuts therefore cause only a very small amount of flow. The tree will therefore maintain a large part of its reserves.

Sharpen and sterilize cutting tools

Disinfection of pruning shears and chainsaw blades is important. It is a way to avoid contamination of healthy plants, especially if these tools were used to prune a diseased tree.

In addition to this, it is crucial to use sharp equipment. It is important to make sure that the cuts are clean and straight so that they heal quickly. This will also prevent you from tearing the wood fiber. Here again, we encourage you to call a professional pruner to avoid damaging your trees.

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Hire a tree trimming specialist

Because of the dangerous nature of pruning work, it is best to entrust it to a professional pruner. Moreover, the intervention of this professional is beneficial on various levels. Indeed, the quality of the work that he will carry out will largely exceed your experiments. Moreover, he will know exactly what type of treatment your plants need. Finally, you benefit from a better guarantee, because the insurance to which he has subscribed covers any damage that may occur during the work.

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