How to use CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the second cannabinoid to be isolated and studied
after THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive drug in marijuana. Unlike
to THC, CBD does not cause dependence or psychoactive effects. By consuming
CBD products, you will not experience the same sensations, effects and characteristics of
associated with THC, and more generally, with the recreational use of
marijuana. CBD is better able to meet the needs of people with
pain, anxiety or sleep disorders thanks to its relaxing effects.

Producing more than 400 organic compounds, the different varieties of cannabis
contain two main groups of molecules with biologically active properties
important. On the one hand, terpenes have scents (resinous, floral odors...), on the other hand
Apart from phytocannabinoids (cannabinoids from plants) are currently used
in a wide variety of medical and health fields.

CBD or cannabidiol can be used in several ways. The CBD plant in the form of
of leaf more commonly called flower. As for the cannabis flower, the most common method is
most known is to consume by respiratory way. But there are many other ways to
take CBD

Smoking CBD

The classic method, smoking CBD. But besides the technique of mixing its CBD with
tobacco in a leaf or smoke it pure. You can also consume it
in a electronic cigarette. there is some e liquid with cbd. You can find it in
specialty stores or make your own. All you have to do is mix a
oil of cbd classic to liquid for electronic cigarette. Effect guaranteed, the advantage of
this method is to be able to choose the taste of its liquid to improve your sessions of
CBD vaping.
Finally, you can also smoke your cannabidiol in a pipe. All you have to do is
replace the tobacco you usually use with a CBD flower. Be sure to
even not to use a pipe with too much tobacco smell. For a use
Optimally, it is best to use a pipe only for CBD.

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In massage

CBD also exists in oil form. These oils exist in different dosages
ranging from 5% to 30% of CBD. Apply CBD oil to painful areas of your body
body by carrying out small massages. The cannabidiol will make effect and attenuate your
pain. It is also possible to perform classic massages by replacing your
oil by a CBD oil. The relaxing effects of the massage will be increased tenfold.

In the food

There are recipes that mix cooking and cannabis. You can use the same ones in
replacing weed with CBD. The most famous of all is the space cake. A delicious
mix between a cake to your taste and CBD flowers. Nevertheless attention, the effects
are increased tenfold when you choose the natural way to consume your CBD. Do
Be careful not to overdose your dishes. Keep a light hand at first, then refine your
dosages as you prepare them. Enjoy your meal!

Moisturizing cream

Finally, there are moisturizing creams with cbd. These creams are different from the creams
lambda thanks to cannabidiol. Indeed, CBD has virtues and benefits for the skin.
In particular, CBD has been proven to reduce the appearance of pimples and purify your skin. The
icing on the cake is the relaxing aspect that CBD cream offers on the face once
spread out. This is truly a wonderful way to consume CBD!

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