High-end women's shoes

The Jonak brand is one of the largest shoe sales houses. It was founded by the couple Marcel and Josette Nakam and the name of the brand comes from the fusion of the first name of the woman and the surname Nakam. It finds the big day thanks to their vision of the well done work, the beauty and the sincerity. Discover below the high end shoes for women of this famous Parisian brand.

Pointed toe pumps and heels

This women's shoe is often made with either metallic fuchsia leather or black velvet. It makes all women fall in love with its feminine look and its origins. In the Jonak collection, it comes in several sizes and has a 10 cm heel. It highlights your elegance and gives you a very imposing air, all the dream of women.

Round toes and small heels

When you want to adopt a country look in winter, the ideal shoes for you in the Jonak collection are the CALQUE boots in taupe or black crust leather. The rounded toes combined with the ankle detail make this a simple yet original shoe. The rubber on the side will allow you to put on these comfortable boots in seconds. You can easily pair it with skinny jeans for a sober look for a shopping day or even a weekend in the country.

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Boots with notched soles and laces

Sometimes there is only one simple and essential piece missing in your wardrobe that becomes a favorite as soon as you have it. This is the case with the AMANDIER from the Jonak collection. It is a pair of boots with a simple look. It is dressed in leather and black patent, with a notched sole that guarantees comfort and modernity. You can wear it with your jeans, your skirts and your dresses. Its heel is 4 cm high and the height of its stem is 17 cm.

Square toe boots with small heels

Still called DELORA boots with small heel in black pleated patent leather, they are a very ideal pair for winter. Their square toe design gives a feminine and also rock and elegant look that naturally accompanies your charisma. Jonak's square-toe, low-heeled ankle boots go perfectly with flare jeans, long skirts and dresses. Made in Portugal, its calf circumference is 24 cm, the height of its shaft 17 cm and its heel 5 cm.

Heeled loafers with notched soles

These are the very special loafers within the brand Jonak. Made in Italy, 6.5 cm heel and 6 cm height. These loafers add a trendy and modern touch to any outfit thanks to their shape and their black glazed leather. They are suitable for all modern, sophisticated outfits and especially for all occasions.

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Silver buckle pumps

We also distinguish in the Jonak collection the silver buckle pumps. Already looking feminine, trendy and authentic, the silver buckle pumps also called DOSTONY pumps with heels, perfectly match any outfit. They are made with purple metallic leather and very delicate. The silver buckle pumps bring you all the comfort you deserve.

Boots with notched and elastic soles

In the Jonak collection, they are still called AMANDINE boots. Their upper is 15 cm high and their heel 4 cm. With the right style, they are perfect for fall. The notched and elasticated soles of these boots will enhance your figure with their shape. With the rockin' looks they offer, you can choose to wear them either to the office or for nights out with friends.

Heels and buckles boots

Still called VAMPE boots, the Jonak collection's heeled and buckled ankle boots will make any woman fall in love with them. They are made of brown shiny leather and have a square toe. The heel and buckle boots are perfect to protect you from a cold yesterday. They are perfect with jeans during the day and a nice dress in the evening.

high-end boots
high-end boots
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