How to have more vacations in 2022 thanks to public holidays?

Confinement and restriction measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic have compromised the summer and winter vacations of 2020 and 2021. But vaccines and health passes promise new opportunities to get away from it all in 2022... So does the reopening of resorts and vacation centers and the freedom to travel.

Each country has its own public holidays

Each year brings in its wake its share of holidays. These consist of celebrations, commemorations, or various events. In general, each country has its own public holidays apart from the so-called universal, invariable and common days and dates.

Holidays are also governed by lunar positions. This implies their regular annual changes, often on different dates.

Universal holidays are those dedicated by the United Nations to a specific event. They are, however, not observed by all countries. In general, at the beginning of each year, the governing authorities of each country make known the annual calendar of public holidays. Already, the 2022 calendar has been drawn up and lists the public holidays for the coming year.

Take advantage of the holidays

Public holidays are an opportunity to get away and enjoy an extended vacation without the need to use paid time off. If a holiday falls on a Monday or Friday, you can take advantage of an extended weekend of 3 days, from Saturday to Monday or Friday to Sunday, to get away without having to charge this extension to your professional leave or school respite.

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Extended weekends are very popular with families or groups of friends looking for an escape or a getaway. As the timid reopening of the tourist season in 2021 is far from being favorable to mass vacation departures, the prospect of a well-deserved vacation in 2022 is being prepared now.

The expansion of Covid-19 vaccines as well as health passes will now allow people to travel. Especially since the holiday schedule for 2022 is published, at least for a number of tourist destination countries.

Choosing the right holidays

Whatever your country of residence or vacation destination, consult the public holiday calendar now to enjoy an extended stay.

Choosing wisely will allow you to take advantage of the holiday festivities that are held in the localities of your destination. If you are planning to go to China, for example, you can take advantage of the traditional Chinese New Year events to participate in the festivities. Obviously, the Chinese New Year does not fall on the same date as the European New Year...

The year 2022 is not very rich in holidays if we believe the calendar of France, among others. Most of them will fall either on a Saturday for New Year's Day or on a Sunday for Labor Day, Women's Day, Christmas... The idea will be to organize an outing for Easter or Pentecost where you will take advantage of the Monday holiday to extend the weekend.

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Bridges and holidays

On the other hand, you could prepare a weekend of 3 consecutive days for the Assumption of August 15, 2022 which will fall on a Monday, or for the Armistice of November 11, 2022 which will be commemorated on a Friday.

In addition, it is customary for some employees to observe a bridge to take advantage of a few extra days to go on vacation. All Saints' Day in 2022, which falls on a Tuesday, will be a great opportunity to do just that and enjoy a well-deserved winter vacation.

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