Have a funeral medallion made

Saying goodbye to a parent or loved one is a painful experience and one would like to keep the best memory possible. In order to immortalize the memory of your loved one, you have the possibility to have a funeral medallion made. The following article will tell you more about the design of this type of medallion.

What is a funeral medallion?

In a simplified way, a funeral medallion is an object intended to be affixed on a grave to remember the deceased person. It is indeed a personalized object with a photo that will allow the memory of your deceased relative to live on.

Some families choose to make a funeral medallion because it is considered a decorative item that leaves a beautiful impression. Before you consider designing a funeral medallion, it would be good for you to know more about the materials used to make it.

What are the materials that make up a funeral medallion?

A funeral medallion, given its intended use, is made of ultra-resistant materials. The goal in this case is the durability of the medallion.

Generally speaking, the preferred materials for the manufacture of funeral medallions are ceramic, glass or porcelain. This type of material is ideal to give a very worked result and thus a quality visual.

At the same time, you may prefer a funeral medallion made of marble, stone or granite. These last materials have the particularity of being really resistant. They are resistant to the effects of time and to possible shocks. 

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How to choose the type of photo to insert in the medallion?

The photo to be inserted in the medallion is a component essential to have a beautiful medallion. What image do you want to keep of the deceased? This is the question that should guide you in choosing the photo. In reality, there is no standard photo to insert in a funeral locket.

The key is to find a beautiful photo that brings back good memories. It is important to choose a jovial photo that will make you smile and not cry. This is a timeless image, so it will be around for a very long time. Make sure that this last picture is perfect.

The photo must be clear and clean. You may prefer an old photo to a more recent format. It doesn't matter as long as you like it and it pays tribute to your parent.

What shape should the funeral medallion have?

Like the type of photo, this is entirely up to your preference. Funeral medallions are designed in many shapes.

Rectangle or square medallions. This is the basic shape of medallions and therefore the most commonly used. They are simple and easy to make. These medallions offer the advantage of being able to hold two photos. You have more perspectives to choose the photo.

In addition, you have the choice to use funeral medallions with more elaborate shapes. These include heart, oval, open book, tulip and round shapes.

What type of borders should I choose to embellish a medallion?

Once the material and shape are chosen, you need to think about choosing beautiful borders to enhance the photo. Borders are the decorations that form the perimeter of the photo. The classic color used for a border is white. It's a color that goes everywhere and fits all my medallion creations.

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You may also prefer a border embellished with a gold color. This is a less common color that enhances the quality of the medallion.

What is the best background for a funeral locket?

This is actually the background of the chosen photo. You can choose to keep the original background of the photo as well as choose a different background.

On this aspect, it is necessary to distinguish a radical change; superficial modifications to embellish the photo.

The light modifications aim at correcting the imperfections of the photo: photo not very clear or damaged in some places. The goal is to give a new look to the photo.

The radical change is to use a completely different background for the photo. Whether you choose a background that reminds you of nature, a landscape or even a reference to nature, the main thing is to obtain a beautiful result.

What message should be written on a medallion?

The message you choose to put on a funeral medallion is a kind of tribute to the memory of the deceased. In a few words, you must show all the affection you have for the deceased.

Just like the photo, there is no imposed model. You make a message that corresponds to your feelings and to the image you wish to give of your loved one.

The most common examples are: Go in peace, Continue to watch over us, I will always love you, Forever in our hearts and many others. As you can see, these are short texts but they say the essential. It is not excluded to add a first name if you wish to personalize the message.

Video : the creation of a funeral medallion

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