70 things to do on the weekend!

While the weekend often offers us a large amount of free time, it is rare that we take advantage of it as it should be. The routine of a busy work week gives way to another routine where moments of relaxation are so similar that they no longer really de-stress us. By repeating the same program tirelessly, it becomes difficult to really take a break and take full advantage of your weekly days of freedom. However, the weekend is the ideal time to accomplish many things that we constantly put off, without necessarily spending a lot of money. Whether you want to dedicate these two days of break to yourself or to others, with a little imagination, there are many activities available to each of us. We have selected for you some ideas to really enjoy your free time on the weekend.

  1. Walking in nature
  2. Getting started with photography
  3. Classify your important papers
  4. Open your old boxes from the attic and immerse yourself in the past
  5. Prepare meals in advance
  6. Go jogging
  7. Organize a cooking competition with loved ones
  8. Learn to sew or knit
  9. To go to the beach
  10. Play online games
  11. Get politically involved
  12. Draw
  13. Helping an elderly neighbor
  14. Create tutorials and upload them to YouTube
  15. Join a sports association
  16. Go see concerts
  17. Make your own bread
  18. Play cards with loved ones
  19. Try your hand at decorative arts
  20. Take the time to have a special conversation with your partner
  21. Go around the flea markets
  22. Set new goals in life and make a list of them
  23. Put on some music and dance
  24. To the market
  25. Take a long bath
  26. Looking after the children of a loved one who needs a “break”
  27. Attend a café-philo
  28. Discover new music
  29. Take care of your body
  30. Sort or sell clothes that we no longer need and donate them to a charity
  31. To do yoga
  32. Play board games as a family
  33. Plan your next vacation
  34. Create a playlist on YouTube
  35. Organize a picnic
  36. Go meet your neighbors
  37. Rework your photos with Photoshop
  38. Go hunting for discount coupons on the internet
  39. Create your blog
  40. Learn a foreign language
  41. Reread your favorite book
  42. Start a compost
  43. Call a loved one you haven’t seen in a while
  44. Clean up your computer
  45. Buying food from a homeless person
  46. Take the time to look at the stars
  47. Watch movies and series in streaming
  48. Do some gardening
  49. Cooking a “homemade” pizza
  50. Go see a conference on a subject that interests us
  51. Try a new sport
  52. Volunteering
  53. Visit your friends
  54. Go to the museum or zoo
  55. Learn to play a musical instrument
  56. Start a collection
  57. Declutter your home
  58. Play at seducing your partner again
  59. To go swimming
  60. Make a barbecue
  61. Learn how to oil change your car
  62. Take acting lessons
  63. Write letters to loved ones
  64. Introduce your children to new activities
  65. Start keeping a diary
  66. Build up photo albums
  67. Getting started with fiction writing
  68. Doing research on Wikipedia
  69. Allow yourself a good nap
  70. Do crafts

We’re coming to the end of this list, feel free to share your favorite weekend activities with us in the comments section below. Wishing you all a good weekend!