4 types of wooden furniture common in the furniture market

There are many types of wood furniture, and choosing wood furniture is indeed a problem for many people.

Especially in the chaotic market, various trades, and rich materials, each wooden furniture has different characteristics and different styles.

In fact, the most important thing when choosing wooden furniture is the material.

Today, there are countless wood furniture materials on the furniture market that will dazzle you.

Therefore, we combine the 4 types of wooden furniture that are widely used today, we analyze and interpret them one by one, and combine your decorating style and budget to see which material is best for you!

1. The black walnut

Black walnut is a more valuable material in furniture. It is mainly produced in North America.

The sapwood is milky white, and the heartwood material ranges from light brown to chocolate deep.

The texture of black walnut is usually straight, sometimes with curly or wavy lines, forming a pleasing decorative pattern.

Black walnut has excellent decorative stability and does not warp easily.

It is a beautiful wood for furniture making.

Black walnut is widely used in interior design for its unique color.

But most of the black walnut furniture is more literary, more suitable for Japanese style literary decoration.

Plus, the preciousness of black walnut.

Therefore, we can see that the price of black walnut furniture in the market will be higher.

When you choose, you can choose based on the situation.

Benefits:Black walnut furniture has a calm color and beautiful texture.

The furniture made by it is elegant and generous, and the material itself is cracked, which is more popular with the public.

Disadvantages:Black walnut furniture requires proper maintenance, and the overall price is high.

2. White oak

Oak has a distinctive mountain-shaped wood grain.

The color and appearance of white oak is similar to that of European oak.

The sapwood is light colored, the heartwood is light to dark brown, the white oak appears more in straight lines.

The texture is medium to rough, and the pith beam is significantly longer than that of red oak.

As a result, white oak is much more visible than red oak.

Nowadays, common white oak houses on the market are fully assembled and spliced, and the surface of white oak furniture can be clearly seen.

In general, the furniture of the whole wood is very small, and the craftsmanship and materials are very special, and the solid wood of the whole board is easy to crack and deform.

So nowadays, there are more white oak spliced furniture on the market.

Benefits: White oak furniture has a firm texture, high abrasion resistance and long life.

Disadvantages: The wood is very dry, so the shrinkage rate is relatively large, and the performance is easy to change, which is very unfavorable for cutting and chopping.

3. Red oak

Red oak is very different from white oak.

Red oak is widely distributed in the eastern United States.

The wood is hard and heavy, and the wood dries slowly.

Some red oak wood grains are similar to ash in lacquer, but red oak wood grain tends to have some texture, and ash does not.

Most people think that red oak furniture will be darker in color.

This statement is not entirely correct.

Generally, the color, texture, characteristics and nature of red oak will vary depending on the place of origin.

So the choice of wood is not necessarily distinguished by its color.

The color characteristics of red oak furniture are pronounced, the color is deep, and the little texture is visible.

Benefits: The wood of red oak furniture is stable and hard, highly absorbent and corrosion resistant.

Disadvantages: The texture of red oak furniture is relatively dense. If the red oak is imported, the price is also high.

4. Chinese Ash

Chinese ash is stable in the wood and is not easily cracked and warped.

It is the finest material for furniture, and its wood material is strong and beautifully textured. 

It is the preferred material for making furniture.

Compared to pine, ash furniture is harder and more resistant to wear and tear; compared to mahogany furniture, ash has a certain price advantage.

Ash is also different in material due to its different distribution zones.

In general, Russian ash is widely used in furniture, because the trees in the cold zone are relatively slow, so the trees are relatively strong and suitable for furniture.

Apply Russian ash material to furniture, in addition to a clear and beautiful texture, its stability is also stronger.

Benefits: Ash is generally grown in a humid temperate zone, and its furniture is not only resilient but also very resistant to abrasion and moisture.

Disadvantages: The deformation and shrinkage of ash is significant, which makes all solid wood furniture, mostly made of splices.

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