How to choose an above ground pool?

The above ground pool is an equipment that allows you to enjoy the joys of swimming without having to carry out major work and to plan a huge budget. There are indeed many models of above ground pools on the market and it is sometimes complicated to find your way around. In order to help you choose your above ground pool, we propose in this article a small point on the models and the criteria of choice of an above ground pool.

The different models of above ground pools

There are several models of above ground pools that you can choose from depending on your needs.

  • The inflatable above-ground pool: this is the most economical and easiest to handle model. It is the ideal pool if you are looking for a children's pool.
  • The self-supporting above-ground pool: it can be related to an inflatable pool. It is made of a PVC cover and its installation requires a flat surface.
  • The tubular above-ground pool: this model is also made of a PVC cover, but it is stronger thanks to its steel tube frame that supports the pool.
  • The rigid above-ground pool: the rigid above-ground pool is made up of modular panels, in steel, resin, aluminum, in concreteThese are made of wood or wood composite, to be assembled to form the structure of the pool and to be covered with a liner to ensure permeability.

Criteria for choosing an above ground pool

The structure: the structure of your above ground pool influences its solidity and durability. For a summer use and for a children's poolInflatable or freestanding pools are perfect. However, if you want to enjoy your pool for a long time, it is wise to choose a rigid model.

Size and depth: here the choice depends on the number and age range of people who will use the pool. A shallow pool is suitable for children, and a large size is perfect for a whole family.

The size of the garden: it is also essential to measure the available space in the garden to choose the right size of your pool.

The budget: there are models of above ground pools for all budgets, which vary from a hundred euros to thousands of euros. You will choose according to your budget.

Tips for using an above ground pool

Besides the joy of a pool, it can be a dangerous place for children. To avoid this problem, the pool should be equipped with a safety cover. As soon as the children are out of the water, the pool is closed and it becomes safe. The cover also prevents the water from cooling down during the night and protects the pool from dirt. The above-ground pool should also be maintained regularly. Cleaning completes the action of filtration and disinfection. It consists in removing all the dirt from the pool, leaves, dust, etc.

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