How to treat energy loss: which roof insulation estimate?

Before the arrival of the cold season, it is advisable to review the insulation of your roof and your attic. It is important for the comfort of your property, but also for the reduction of your energy consumption bills. Indeed, a good insulation of the roof allows to reduce the losses of heat in your house.

The roof: source of 30% of loss on average

A house has different points of heat loss according to the analysis of professionals. The losses vary according to the characteristics of the property and the work that has been done. But on average, the roof would always be the most important source.

  • The roof: 30%

The roof is the main source of heat loss in a house, especially an older building. On average, the energy loss is 30%, even more if you have cat windows, a fireplaceetc. To support your heating system and optimize the comfort of your home, a roof insulation estimate is therefore necessary. The renovation is the only possible technique to remedy this loss.

  • Other sources of wastage

However, the roof is not the only source of heat loss in the home. Make no mistake about it. In addition to the attic, the walls offer a loss of 20%, the windows and openings of 15%, the floor and basements of 15% and other surfaces in contact with the outside of 15%.

What standard for home insulation in general?

It is necessary to know that the insulation of the house is not made with the small happinesses the chance. There are standards to respect. The comfort of your rooms is at stake, but also the respect of the rules of construction of healthy house.

  • The RT2012 standard

For all constructions that date back to 2012, the current construction and insulation standard is RT2012. Ask for a quote on roof insulation for the renovation of the attic and the whole house, to have a maximum energy consumption of 50 kWh/m2, is therefore still relevant.

  • Soon the RT2020 standard

However, a new standard has just been introduced, particularly with regard to consumption energy of a house. This is the RT2020 standard. At the heart of this new standard, there is a desire to reduce the ecological impact of heating systems and the use of heating devices less polluting.

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This new standard will be mandatory for all new constructions from January 2021 in France. It advocates an energy consumption of 12 kWh/m2.  

How to insulate the attic?

To minimize the heat loss of the house, you must first take care of the insulation of the attic. Depending on your needs and your roof insulation estimate, the craftsmen can offer you different techniques.

  • Attic insulation

For the converted attic, it will require a system of insulation discreet and that can ensure the functionality of the place in addition to its comfort. We think among others of rock wool, glass wool, or polyurethane foam to put in the walls.

These are insulation techniques that have proven themselves over the years. Their effectiveness varies depending on the characteristics of your attic space. An evaluation by the professionals before choosing the right insulation is necessary.  

  • Insulation of lost attics

The insulation of the lost attic will cost you less and will take less time. In addition, it will be more effective against heat loss. One thinks in particular of the blowing method which allows to cover simply and effectively the least cm2 of the space under roof.

For this insulation technique, a special machine is required. Hence the importance of also calling in professional heating engineers.

  • Tips from a professional heating engineer to help you

Certified heating engineers can be dispatched to your location to advise you on the ideal insulation choice and technique based on your desires and available budget. Trust more the insulation companies that usually offer a fast and high quality service.

Which quote for your insulation work?

Contrary to popular belief, a roof insulation estimate does not have to be expensive. The State currently offers financing plans to facilitate the realization of this kind of project.

  • 1 Euro Insulation

The 1 euro insulation is a way for the state to encourage individuals to engage in more renovation work under the roof, or even in the upgrading of their insulation throughout the house. But how does it work exactly?

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It is a system that makes the polluting companies participate in order to repair the damage they do to the environment because of their activity. Indeed, there are rates of chemical discharge to be respected and ecological degradation to be done at the risk of penalties of all kinds. In order to compensate for their high rates, some companies can buy the estimate of the insulation work of the houses of individuals and thus avoid the fines of the State.

To take advantage of this offer, however, you must hire certified companies to do the work. All you have to do is ask them for a custom estimate of your work and start insulating your roof. You will have to pay the symbolic 1 euro at the end of the work as usual.

  • Assisted loans of all kinds

Banks can also offer you subsidized loans for the realization of certain works which are not eligible to the pacts of solidarity insulation. These include loans such as the PTZ, the tax credit, etc. They offer a certain capital against a monthly repayment over several years, but without interest rate or with low interest rates, because a part is taken in charge by the state.

Assisted loans are generally used to finance ecological renovation work. Of course, they are not intended for just anyone. There are conditions of eligibility to take advantage of it.

  • The conditions to be eligible for such financing plans

There are eligibility requirements to take advantage of these funds. They vary from one system to another. But in any case, you must use a certified craftsman to benefit from them. In addition, as mentioned above, it must be work with the aim of minimizing heat loss and energy consumption of the house, especially in the attic.  

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