Are you having problems at work? Do you feel uncomfortable in your work?

How does your day go? If you work for other people, you probably have a set schedule. You go into your job, do your work, interact with your colleagues, organize meetings, make decisions, make external visits ...

Anything can be very rewarding, especially if you love it, because work is not only a way to earn a living, but also a source of professional fulfillment.

But what happens when we don't like the job or worse, when the work environment is too tense and you can't work comfortably?

What happens when you suffer from professional demotivation, have problems in relationships with your colleagues or are bullied at work?

In these cases, you have to say enough. We spend long hours at work and we need to work comfortably or our physical and psychological health will end up paying the consequences.

What is a work problem?

Work problems are any situation that creates conflict, dissatisfaction or difficulty at work. They can be problems with your boss or teammates, but they can also be caused by an excessive workload or by not receiving proper motivation.

Problems at work not only end up affecting your productivity, but they can also trigger mood disorders.

There are different work problems:

Workplace Stress. Excessive pressure at work can lead to high levels of stress, a common situation in places where you work under tight deadlines or where too many responsibilities and tasks are placed on workers' shoulders.
Burn-out syndrome (being burned out). Also known as burnout syndrome, it is common among service professionals who are in constant contact with other people. However, you can also suffer from it if you are subjected to excessive hours that prevent you from resting and disconnecting from work, or if you have to take on too many responsibilities that are beyond your capabilities. In these cases, prolonged exposure to stress pushes your mind and body to the limit and can no longer cope with the demands of work.
Difficulties in relationships with colleagues. Disagreements with your co-workers or problems with your boss can create a tense work environment that eventually takes its toll. It could be bosses who make your life miserable because of their poor management, an overly competitive environment that generates friction between workers, or leadership struggles between teammates. In the long run, these workplace problems often create frustration and, if left unresolved, will lead to deep job dissatisfaction.
Mobbing or harassment at work. This is psychological violence that is constantly exerted on a person in the workplace. This harassment can come from your supervisor, your co-workers or the company itself. Mobbing creates an unsustainable work environment because it uses all sorts of tactics to undermine your trust, from humiliation to spreading rumors to marginalize you, recurring threats of termination or even embarrassing you so that you can't do your job well.
Career reorientation. You know what you don't want, but you don't know what you do want. You think you should change jobs, but you don't know how or what path to take. When you experience job disengagement with your current position, you know you need to change, but it is difficult for you to reinvent yourself professionally, creating a state of uncertainty and anxiety that is difficult to sustain for long.
Work problems

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Symptoms of problems at work

How do you know if work problems are affecting your well-being? In general, if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you should seek help:
You feel constantly harassed by certain colleagues and/or your boss.
In the morning, it is difficult for you to get up and you do so without enthusiasm to start the day at the prospect of having to go to work.
You feel frustrated, the work doesn't motivate you and you don't like what you do.
Your productivity has decreased and you feel more exhausted than usual.
You feel that the work environment is very tense and that it is, each day, more unbearable.
Work adds a lot of stress to your life. Human resources helps manage social relations in the company.

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