Sustainable energy and energy efficiency in your home

Improving housing for energy efficiency is nowadays a major concern. Using an energy comparator to find the best deals on the market is a great alternative. Find out here how to combine sustainable energy and energy efficiency in your home.

The keys to energy efficiency in your home

To reduce these expensive bills at the end of the year, you should opt for a energy comparator. It is indicated to make known all the sustainable energy offers on the market. In addition to this, you must adopt the following principles:

  • Renewable or sustainable energy
  • Efficiency
  • Sobriety.

The first one alone makes you spend very little on your electricity bills. You can use solar energywind energy and others.

Efficiency means choosing very good equipment that consumes less. The reality is that appliances from the 1980s use more energy than those made today. So you need to upgrade your appliances if you want to pay less at the end of the year.

The principle of sobriety requires you to use electricity sparingly. You should only use the ones you need. If you leave your room, for example, get into the habit of turning off the lamp and any other appliances in your room.

Using solar energy for greater energy efficiency

Solar energy is a sustainable energy that will cost you less on your electric bills. You will have expenses for the maintenance of your installation, but it will not cost you more than your electric energy bills. However, use an energy comparator to choose your supplier.

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There are two main types of solar installations. These are the photovoltaic solar panel and the thermal solar panel. In the photovoltaic solar panel, the sun's rays are converted into electricity to power the house's equipment.

This option allows you to save a lot on your bills and also gives you access to self-consumption. The sun's energy is completely free and you can even sell the surplus electricity to suppliers. You can earn up to 1,800 euros per year. However, before reaching this level, you will have to invest in high capacity panels.

Solar thermal panel models do not produce electricity. They use the heat of the sun to produce hot water. This means that you no longer have to pay the heating costs for hot water for your bath. Your year-end bills are greatly reduced and you pay nothing for solar energy.

The fireplace insert for better energy efficiency

Heating is a great ally in cooler weather, but it also increases energy bills. The fireplace insert is a adapted and ecological solution that makes you reduce your bills. In fact, the fuel that is used is wood. It represents a real sustainable energy and it is less expensive on the market.

The insert comes in two forms which are the pellet insert and the wood insert. Its heating capacity is greater than that of a fireplace open fireplace. With an efficiency of 80 %, this system is much more efficient and less expensive than an electric heater.

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Insulating your home

Insulating your home will save you money on electricity bills by properly regulating the heat in your home. Heat tends to escape from all sides of the house. This can be through the roof, the floor, the walls, the windows, and even the doors. To avoid this, you can use materials like :

  • Natural insulation (wood fibers),
  • Mineral insulation (glass wool)
  • And synthetic insulation (polystyrene, polyurethane).

You can also make a attic insulation insulation. We also insulate roof from the outside, known as the sarking method.

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