Choosing the right paint for your bodywork

Redoing the body and paint of a car is not an easy task. Usually, the task is entrusted to a professional car body and paint shop. To remove scratches or shallow scuffs, you can do the job yourself. However, for a complex body repair, it is recommended to call a professional.

The need for paint: Protective and aesthetic

The role of the paint for the car partsis to give a nice visual aspect to it. Painters also guarantee protection against rust, the effects of time and the elements. By applying a quality coat of paint, you will contribute to the longevity of the car. Also, you will take advantage of it to save moneyYou won't need to repaint the car for a long time!

Choosing the best scratch remover paint for your car body

Paintings are not chosen at random and feeling only. There are certain criteria that you must put forward to make your choice as professional as possible. For example, if you want to repaint your car in order to resell it later, you should choose a white or gray color, suitable for all brands.

You can also make your choice of color chart, depending on the use you want to make of it. For a city car, intended for a "work-sleep" trip, you can select the color of your choice. For a 4*4 that will be going back and forth between the city and the beaten path, choose a brown or gray color. If the car is exposed to dust and mud, the dirt won't be too noticeable.

If you want a flashy paintIf you're looking for a unique body, you can rely on graphics. This is the best way to have a unique body. If your goal is to attract the eyes of others, you can bet on flamboyant colors like red, or yellow. In any case, it is advisable to match the external color to the internal color!

Last but not least, a final point to consider is the climate in your area. If you live in a tropical country, select a color that doesn't attract heat, such as light shades. On the other hand, if the climate is always cool, you can opt for darker colors!

Use the paint code to find the best paint

Today, with the use of a car paint reference, you can find a paint that fits your body. This code will be indicated on a label or plate.

It is important to know that some elements of the car, can have distinct color codes such as the mirror, the rims or the bumpers.

Depending on the model, the year of release and the brandThe code can be located in various places: glove box, under the hood, in the trunk...

Repainting the body of the car yourself

One certainly does not improvise oneself as a professional in body work. From the choice of tints to the mission of the paint work, it is better to go to a body shop. It has a caulked and dusted paint booth for a professional finish. Also, you will benefit from a manufacturer's warranty. In addition, your alternator must be reviewed and starter.

For a body painting, you can use a spray paint can or a scratch remover spray. For small jobs, you should use a paint touch-up pen.

If you want to completely redo the acrylic paint of your car, you must notify the prefecture, at the registration department. If not, you will be fined up to 50 euros.

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