The obligation to issue an electrical clearance

Any person working on or near an electrical installation must have electrical clearance. This is obtained through training. All the details in the following

Electrical clearance : What is it ?

The legislation in force requires that workers who carry out operations on or near electrical installations have electrical clearance in view of the risks to personnel. In this case, it is the employer's recognition of the ability of a person under his or her authority to carry out the assigned tasks in safety. Do not confuse an electrical diploma with electrical clearance. Indeed, electrical clearance recognizes a capacity and not a skill. The authorization title is personal and cannot be given to another person. During working hours, the holder is required to carry it with him or keep it within his reach. There are several levels of electrical clearance, authorizing people to work on more or less powerful installations.

Electrical clearance : Training content

The electrical qualification training contains 2 parts: a theoretical part and a practical part. Its objective is to obtain a professional aptitude in the field of electrical risk prevention. This electrical qualification training will cover the first notions of electricity, the electrical risks and the effects of electricity on the human body. The trainees will be trained on how to behave in case of electrocution, protection against the dangers of electricity and the risks of fire.

Electrical clearance: For whom?

Electrical clearance concerns all trades (mechanics, electricians, painters, carpenters, security guards, computer specialists, elevator operators, building janitors, etc.) and everyone (employees, temporary staff, subcontractors, self-employed contractors, etc.). An electrical qualification is issued to any person who has to perform electrical or non-electrical tasks in an environment of electrical works or installations, such as access to certain electrical premises, supervision of electrical work, carrying out consignments, measurements, etc.

Electrical clearance : Why ?

Training in electrical clearance is mandatory. Indeed, it is necessary to learn how to carry out interventions on electrical installations on the basis of safe conditions. This training is also mandatory for employees who work near electrical devices. A certificate is then issued by the occupational physician to the trained persons at the end of the training.

Electrical authorization is governed by the NF C18-510 standard and as such it requires companies to train their employees to the new standards in terms of electrical authorization. This measure is mandatory to guarantee the safety of a company's personnel and property.

Electrical clearance : Validity

An electrical qualification is valid for a period of 3 years. Afterwards, the employee must attend another training session to update his knowledge and to be informed about the new regulations. This electrical clearance can be cancelled or suspended by the company's management at any time. On the other hand, it can be revised as soon as it is necessary, for example in case of change of company or function, transfer, long interruption, technological evolution or working methods...

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