35 surprising things you don't know about your body

From medical articles to numerous documentaries on the human body, we are all convinced that we are well informed about our biology and its history... But have we really gone through the many mysteries that our body conceals?

The complexity of our body is so great that the media struggle to reveal its many secrets. As far-fetched as they are amazing, there are many details that make our body a unique "machine". Here are 36 surprising things you probably don't know about your body!

  1. The human brain has the capacity to memorize absolutely everything we have seen, heard or done during our lives.
  2. Some people do not have fingerprints.
  3. 1 % of adults would never feel sexual attraction to anyone.
  4. Antibacterial soaps can mess with our sex hormones.
  5. Laughter improves health.
  6. The coccyx was originally a tail that we used to balance and communicate.
  7. Every time we gain weight, our body creates miles of new blood vessels to adapt to our body.
  8. Sleeping makes you lose weight.
  9. Men's nipples can produce milk if they are stimulated.
  10. Feet can continue to grow throughout life.
  11. Painful joints are able to predict the weather. When a storm is near, some people suffer from pain in their joints.
  12. Having sex at least twice a week reduces the risk of having a heart attack.
  13. The "smell" of old people is a reality. Old people do have a specific and identifiable smell.
  14. We are bigger in the morning when we wake up than later in the day.
  15. Bacteria are the cause of the bad smell of sweat. In reality, sweat does not have an odor.
  16. Our skin is an organ that represents 12 % of our total weight.
  17. We are more irritable when we are dehydrated. Remember to hydrate regularly and drink water.
  18. Your bones can self-destruct if they are exposed to toxic agents such as cadmium.
  19. Stress makes you fat.
  20. Mental illnesses usually appear before adulthood.
  21. Eating fruits and vegetables can help your body produce its own aspirin.
  22. We lose some of our intelligence as we age.
  23. Women are genetically less resistant to cold than men.
  24. We actually have more than 9 senses: sight, taste, hearing, touch and smell, but also pressure, feeling of different parts of our body, tension sensors for muscles, thirst, hunger and magnetic reception.
  25. Stiffness is caused by micro-fractures of the muscle cells.
  26. The human body can sweat up to 11.35 liters of water per day of very high heat.
  27. We cannot tickle ourselves, because our body anticipates the sensation.
  28. We are more likely to gain weight when we are surrounded by overweight people.
  29. Making love cures headaches thanks to the endorphins released by sexual pleasure.
  30. There are more bacteria on the human body than people in the United States.
  31. Recent studies have shown that women may be inherently bisexual.
  32. The eyebrows have historically played a role in natural selection.
  33. The brains of people with blindness automatically reprogram to develop the other senses.
  34. The big toe is there to help us keep our balance when we walk.
  35. White skin only appeared 50,000 years ago when our colored ancestors moved to colder climates.
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