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What can I put in the yellow garbage can?

Garbage sorting containers with space for text

Environmental awareness plays a huge role in today's world. Waste sorting has become an integral part of our daily routine. Faced with the growing challenges of pollution and over-consumption, selective sorting represents ...

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Where to dispose of frying oil? 

Home made doughnuts frying in oil

Frying oil is an oil derived from cooking certain foods by immersion in a deep fryer or pan. Generally speaking, the oil comes from a variety of sources, such as animals via duck fat, or ...

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Shoes from the '20s: a return to retro

women's shoes 20s flat firm 2 0 4490

For some, the '20s conjure up images of Gatsby The Magnificent with extravagant parties and daring outfits. While this may be partly true, it's worth noting that the reality of the era is a ...

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Earn a living with the stock market and CFDs

CFD stock market

The world of finance offers many opportunities for those wishing to earn a living by investing in the financial markets. Among these options, the stock market and CFD (Contracts for Difference) trading are among the most popular. ...

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Where to start learning the piano?

Where to start learning the piano

Ah, the piano... that wonderful instrument that makes you want to take up music. But when you're a beginner, you often wonder where to start. The white keys, the black keys, the scale, music theory... ...

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How to achieve a hairstyle with false bangs?

hairstyle with false bangs

There are so many ways we can play with our hair to change our style. Today, we're going to talk about false bangs, a hairstyling trick that's gaining in popularity. Whether you want to change your look without going through the ...

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Discovering the world of connected home trainers

Discovering the world of the connected home trainer

The cold sets in, the rain threatens, and yet you feel the absence of your bike. The solution? The connected home trainer. This tool lets you keep pedaling, in the warmth, while enjoying a fun, high-performance experience. Let's get on board ...

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Setting up a restaurant franchise

Portrait Of Male Waiter Standing In Bar Restaurant Before Service

There are some subjects which, although of vital importance, are rarely brought to light. One of these is choosing a restaurant franchise. A decision which, if well taken, can be a real financial boon, ...

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Import, clean and optimize IFC BIM files in SketchUp

Import, clean and optimize IFC BIM files

Building Information Management (BIM) is revolutionizing the construction industry by enabling the exchange of both 3D and informative data between the various players involved in a project. The IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) format is the preferred standard for ...

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