The right books to understand the world of real estate

We are in a crisis. More and more people are looking to invest in order to ensure an interesting return on their investment and to ensure a peaceful retirement.

However, you can't blindly jump into buying a property without knowing some tips. Here are 5 books that will help you see things more clearly.

"Full-time annuitant: From bus driver to real estate annuitant" by Sébastien Hanouna

Sébastien Hanouna is an ordinary man. He left school without getting a diploma. From a very young age, he did a series of odd jobs to support himself. He finally found a permanent job as a bus driver.

However, the routine is quickly established and that does not correspond to the ambitions of Sebastien Hanouna. One day, he makes a big decision: to buy property to live off the income. At the age of 27, he gave up his job and became a full-fledged annuitant.

Since then, he has been trying to share his experience and knowledge so that everyone can do what he did. Have you ever dreamed of "retiring" before your 30th birthday to enjoy life?

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"The Secrets of Real Estate: How to Build Financial Freedom and a Comfortable Retirement" by Charles Morgan

Charles Morgan is a psychologist. Throughout his career, he has heard people complain about financial hardship and jobs that don't fulfill them.

He also heard from retirees who had to go without because their pensions were too low, even though they had worked hard for over 40 years. This made him realize that he is not alone.

He himself started investing in real estate to ensure a peaceful retirement. By making the choice to turn to rental investment, you ensure your good days, but also the future of your descendants.

"Getting Rich with Real Estate: How to Build Your Wealth Empire from the Ground Up" by Julien Calamote

Julien Calamote started from nothing. He was not born in a privileged environment. However, today he lives entirely from the rents he receives from his tenants. He has been practicing this technique for a decade, which allows him to get rich fairly quickly. He learned it entirely on his own by reading a few books on real estate and by daring to take the plunge.

The author will share with you all his advice on how to optimize your tax situation. He also makes you understand that to be happy and rich, you have to accept to play. You can win everything, but also lose everything if you make the wrong choices.

By reading his background, you will be able to avoid making the same mistakes he did. In any case, even if you make a mistake, you will learn for the future.

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"All the BTS Real Estate Professions" by Muriel Mestre Mahler, Emmanuel Béal, Alain David and Parina Bé

This book is mainly intended for students in the BTS Professions immobilières, but you can also read it. The advantage of this book is that it includes the program for both years.

As you know, real estate agents are trained through this educational path. You don't necessarily have to go to school to learn about a field.

We are fortunate to have teachers who take it upon themselves to communicate their knowledge to everyone.

"Real Estate Law 2020" by Muriel Mestre Mahler, Emmanuel Béal and Nadège Licoine Hucliez

The real estate sector is governed by many rules in France. Before you start buying a property, you must master certain articles to avoid being ripped off.

This book will give you the basics about your rights and duties as a landlord.

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