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How accepting your body leads to weight loss


When it comes to accepting your body, do you need serious help? What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see a body that you love and accept? Or do you pick it apart and criticize every little thing you want to change...

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5 ideas to personalize your wedding reception!

5 ideas to personalize a wedding reception

Your wedding reception is your chance to throw a fantastic party for you and your guests and it is very popular to include "the personal touch" in your decorations. Many couples have a theme or color scheme that they want to keep in mind.

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Property insurance: what are the issues?

home insurance

When realizing a real estate project, the use of a real estate loan is often one of the most popular financing solutions. Indeed, a good number of owner and future purchaser opt for the real estate credit to finance their project.

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How to choose your funeral plaques?

funeral plaque

When one of our loved ones dies, it may seem as if a simple thing like selecting a grave marker is not important. However, having a well-designed grave marker shows a lot of significance and ...

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70 things to do on the weekend!

To Do List

While the weekend often offers us a great deal of free time, we rarely take advantage of it as we should. The routine of a busy work week gives way to another routine where we have time to ...

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Why contact a doctor on call?


You are on vacation and you have a health problem that you want to solve as soon as possible to make the most of your activities? No problem, an online service allows you to obtain a telephone number ...

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How to accessorize your vintage dress?

how to accessorize your vintage dress

You have recently fallen for a little dress from an online vintage clothing store. The only problem is that you don't really know what accessories to wear with it. Depending on the style you want to give to your outfit, you don't know which accessories to ...

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Attic insulation: our advice

attic insulation

Winter is approaching and it is time to look at the insulation of your house. Indeed, with a bad insulation, the well-being of the occupants will be spoiled with in addition an increase of the energy bill in perspective. In addition, ...

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How to drink tap water? Precautions to take!

Drinking tap water notice

Countless French people would like to drink tap water. However, most of them quickly give up this idea after asking their doctors' advice. This water is too rich in limestone, which makes it harmful to health. It is ...

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10 tips to clean your car like a pro!

10 tips to wash your car like a pro

Cleaning the car is a task that we associate with the weekend. It is convenient to do a periodic cleaning to make our vehicle beautiful, both outside and inside. But do you know the tips of the professionals? In this article, we will give you some tips on how to do it.

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Motorization of a gate: the advantages

More and more households are seduced by motorized gates, and this, for several years. You have two options in front of you: either you motorize the gate you already have, or you replace it with a motorized gate. ...

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Gentlemen, find out where to put perfume

best perfume for men

Since the dawn of time, perfuming oneself has been a sometimes mechanical, but much appreciated gesture, adopted by people of both sexes to perfect their toilet.

Famous fashion designers are constantly vying with each other to create new fragrances that are supposed to stimulate sensuality and bring an irresistible attraction to oneself.

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Choosing the right paint for your bodywork

reference paint car

Redoing the body and paint of a car is not an easy task. Usually, the task is entrusted to a professional car body and paint shop. To remove scratches or shallow scuffs, you can do the job yourself. However, for a complex body repair, it is recommended to call a professional.

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Tips for choosing a wedding ring

wedding ring

The wedding ring or wedding band represents a jewel more than important in the life of a couple. Indeed, it is the symbol of love and the decision to live together and especially for each other in all ...

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Prices for the on-call pharmacy


A small injury, a medical emergency, to find a pharmacy on duty can sometimes be complicated, several solutions are available to you. By calling the unique number 118.018, you will quickly get the address of the closest pharmacy to your home.

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