Dental tourism: choosing dental clinics in Barcelona for your treatments

If you need extensive dental care and are considering going abroad to receive the treatment you need, choose the dental clinics in Barcelona. More than 5,000 French patients have already received dental care in Spain. They have benefited from better care and a warm welcome, but they have also been able to make significant savings on their entire dental stay. And all this while receiving highly qualified dental care.

Dental clinics in Barcelona, the best destinations for your treatments

As far as tourism is concerned, Spain has always been a popular destination for travelers French. It has a pleasant climate and has wonderful landscapes, a culture and a gastronomy as rich as varied.

On the other hand, Spain is also a well-known destination for dental tourism. Especially the city of Barcelona is home to a good number of dental offices specialized in welcoming foreign patients, especially French-speaking patients. The dental clinics in Barcelona are then the best centers to perform your dental care.

Here you will find state-of-the-art equipment, experienced dentists, a French-speaking welcome, shortened treatment times and, above all, attractive and affordable rates. This explains the annual arrival of some 5,000 French patients to receive their dental care.

So if you decide to receive your dental care in a dental clinic in BarcelonaDentisis dental tourism agency offers you a tailor-made accompaniment in all the steps related to the preparation and organization of your dental stay in Spain.

The advantages of receiving treatment in a dental clinic in Barcelona

The dental clinics in Barcelona are attracting more and more foreign patients, particularly because of their proximity, the quality of the dental offices, but especially the rates charged by Spanish dentists.

The proximity of dental clinics in Barcelona

Barcelona is only 200 km from the French border and is only 1 hour 30 minutes flight from Paris. It is also accessible from major European cities and is easy to get to: only 1 hour 30 minutes from Geneva, 1 hour from Nice and Marseille... European airlines then give access to Barcelona daily and at very affordable prices. It is therefore easy toland in Barcelona and find the right dental clinic

It's all about simplicity

Making dental tourism in BarcelonaIt's also about keeping it simple. It is therefore not difficult to find affordable accommodation for your dental stay in Barcelona. As for transportation, the network is very clear. In any case, you will benefit from personal transportation throughout your stay if you use a dental tourism agency. It is also a way to benefit from a preferential rate compared to your accommodation and transportation on site.

High-end dental clinics in Barcelona

In order to offer you the possibility of solving all your dental problems in one place, the dental clinics in Barcelona are equipped with the latest technology in modern dentistry and dental surgery. They are dental centers with a fully equipped surgical block, a radiology center and 3D scanner, a sterilization system according to the standards, and a comfortable consultation room.

Everything has been done for the comfort, serenity and safety of patients. And to top it all off, the dental clinics in Barcelona are mainly composed of experienced medical teams. In other words, experienced dentists, highly qualified dental technicians, a multilingual reception team, etc.

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