Why monitor your blood sugar levels?

There is nothing more important than good health. Diabetics understand this, because a careless mistake can be fatal. Indeed, when we talk about blood sugar, we are referring to the level of sugar in the blood. This sugar intake is managed by a hormone called insulin. The absence or deficiency of insulin disturbs the quantity of sugar and causes inconvenient effects on the person. All diabetics are advised to perform regular tests. However, when one is faced with an involuntary constraint, then one is not well, and this, in any situation. Therefore, it is recommended that these people buy a blood glucose meter.

What is a blood glucose meter?

People with diabetes are required to check their blood sugar levels daily. Sometimes it is necessary to test several times a day. A blood glucose meter is therefore the ideal equipment to avoid unnecessary risks. It measures the level of glucose in the blood and therefore the patient can have control over his or her diet as well as the frequency of physical activity. Thanks to this equipment, the treating physician can have an idea of the treatment that should be given to the patient. There are several types of glucometers that differ according to the needs of its user. The blood glucose meter selection is sometimes a little confusing, as it is difficult to know what type of feature would really support the person's need. On the one hand, one can always have the advice of their doctor to decide which one to choose.

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Checking blood sugar levels without taking a blood sample

Thanks to technology, patients with diabetes no longer have to endure the sting of a needle every time they are tested. There is something called a glucose sensor. It is simply placed in the interstitial fluid to determine the level of glucose in the blood. The results will then be transmitted to a terminal that can be either on a smartphone via an app or on the insulin pump. You have two options, either a permanent monitoring that measures the blood glucose level continuously, or a flash glucose measurement where you will be forced to scan the sensor to get the result.

The different types of blood glucose meters

You have the choice between two devices that differ from each other in their functionality. What is important is that both versions display the most important thing, which is the blood sugar level. The first one only shows a clear and instantaneous blood sugar level. This is enough to manage your food intake or sports activities. The second one, on the other hand, displays the requested results, but in addition to other features that can be very useful such as the blood glucose measurement reminder or alerts in case of hypo- or hyperglycemia. It also has the possibility to save the data concerning the administered insulin rate.

Compared to the glucose sensor, the blood glucose meter requires a drop of blood. This droplet will be placed on a strip or an electrode that the meter then analyzes.

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