Reduce your hair to feel better!

A symbol of virility, a strong hairline can also become a source of complex for some men. It is testosterone that is involved in the control and distribution of hair starting at puberty. Their growth is then accelerated by the combination of testosterone with thyroid hormones and vitamin D.

Some people suffer from hypertrichosis, a symptom of a hormonal disorder of the hair system. This results in invasive hair growth on certain parts of the body or on the whole body. Faced with this situation, it is possible to resort to a hormonal treatment or to targeted aesthetic care. Details in this article.

Significant hair growth: hair removal, a quick and effective solution

If some men consider hypertrichosis as normal, others are particularly complexed by this phenomenon. These are the ones who resort to care in a health institute beauty for men in order to have a beardless chest and a soft face.

Mentalities are changing and many men are taking better care of themselves. Faced with the problem of hair growth, some men opt for hair removal. This is very effective and reliable, especially for complex areas such as the shoulders and back.

Many beauty salons specialize in men's treatments.

Several treatments for men are offered on many sites and you can enjoy face, body and hand care or slimming treatments.

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It is indeed easier to go to these places that know the problems of men with a lot of hair. Experienced beauticians will find the right treatment for you.

Men's care: the different hair removal techniques

A man can remove hair from several parts of his body. There are several hair removal techniques, including laser, waxing and permanent hair removal with the help of lamps. The first one allows to eliminate the hair at the root without any damage to the skin. It guarantees satisfactory results by eliminating about 80 % of hair.

For this purpose, 3 to 4 sessions of 15 to 40 minutes every 2 months are recommended. Note that laser hair removal is less painful than waxing. Waxing is the recommended technique for underarms, back, chest and intimate parts. With each session, the structure of the hair will weaken. This slows down hair growth for up to 3 weeks.

The different treatments for excessive hair growth in men

Both women and men can suffer from excessive hair growth. This is often problematic, as it is embarrassing to undress and be stared at by others. Many men have hair on their shoulders, back or chest.

It can also be related to other factors such as medications or being overweight. This is why it is important to understand the cause excessive hair growth in order to treat it properly. Depending on the case, you may simply be asked to adopt a healthy, balanced diet or to take medication to reduce hair growth.

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Natural remedies and alternative medicine such as acupuncture can also help alleviate this phenomenon.

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