The swinging shutters : Aluminium or PVC?

The choice of a component is not trivial, especially when you are faced with a wide choice of models on the market. To better choose the latter, you must already know what it is really used for. It is an element which has several functions, namely the occultation, the insulation (phonic and thermal), but also, and especially, the prevention against the external intrusions. This year, aluminum and PVC shutters still occupy the first place on the market. These two materials meet very specific needs, especially in terms of aesthetics and security. Now the preferred models for different styles of housing, there are now several reasons why you should choose them to give your home a showcase.

A choice that can be made according to your needs

An aluminum or PVC shutter? That is the question. The competition is tough between the two models, however, some points can be considered in order to make the right choice. Aluminum for example is a material par excellence, it is light, malleable, very resistant and also ecological. On the other hand, PVC is very easy to maintain, aesthetic and rot-proof. Also, if you want to bet on an ergonomic model and able to last in time, an aluminum shutter will be a good choice. On the other hand, if you want to focus on aesthetics and practicality, you can opt for a PVC shutter. However, these are not the only decision elements that must be taken into account. So, how do you choose your shutters? A shutter must also be able to offer excellent soundproofing, which protects against external noise. Aluminum models are best known for this efficiency. Depending on the architectural style of the house, the shutters must also be adapted. On this side, PVC promises to be the right compromise to put an accent on the design side.

Installation: which technique should be chosen?

Installing a swinging shutter is easier than installing a roller shutter. However, this step implies the taking into account of some precautions so that the latter can open and close properly. At the risk of damaging the new shutters, it is wiser to entrust this step to a professional qualified. The latter will surely have the knowledge, but also, the necessary materials to ensure this operation. It is important to know that there are different ways to install shutters. The efficiency of the post will depend on the effectiveness of the shutter, as well as its durability over time.

Thus, the installation of a shutter can be done with already existing hinges, where it will not be necessary to redo the plastering. It can also be installed by chemical sealing, when new hinges are planned. For aluminum shutters, they can be installed on a pre-frame that is just waiting to receive them. We can also reduce the expenses on the installation, just by taking back the false plumb of the frame.

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