Prices for the on-call pharmacy

A small injury, a medical emergency, to find a pharmacy on duty can sometimes be complicated, several solutions are available to you. By calling the single number 118.018, you will quickly find the address of the closest pharmacy to your home. There are two types of on-call pharmacies shutters and those with closed shutters.

Is it mandatory to have a pharmacy on call?

In order to meet the needs of patients outside the usual opening hours of pharmacies, an on-call service is organized. It is mandatory to have an on-call pharmacy. There must be enough to cover urgent needs throughout the territory so that patients do not have to travel too far to find one. Pharmacies take turns opening for on-call duty. In rural areas, the on-call pharmacy is usually located in the same geographic area as the on-call physician.

How does such a pharmacy work?

Once you have found your nearest on-call pharmacy, you can go there with a prescription or hospital order to pick up your medical treatment. Rates vary. The on-call pharmacy receives an allowance from Social Security for on-call duty. You will not pay this. On the other hand, there is an additional fee during the day, Sunday or night. It is five euros for the day and eight euros for the night. This fee is applied to each prescription and is covered by the health insurance. Some patients have found that these surcharges can also be applied to non-prescription sales. To avoid wasting your time in a mad dash across town, opt for the single number 118.018.

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