What is the use of a metal bottle holder?

Whether it is for a business trip Whether they are personal or professional, wine lovers are constantly on the lookout for new wines to add to their collections. However, in order to keep an eye on them or to expose them to the knowledge and the sight of all, it is advisable to be equipped with accessories which can emphasize them. This is the case of the bottle holder. It is necessary to know that it can be used for the storage but also for the presentation as well as the conservation. The latter is sold in different materials. In this article, we present you what a bottle holder is and its advantages.

The metal bottle holder

Wine bottle storageFor all wine connoisseurs or amateurs, storage is one of the main elements for the preservation of bottles. Therefore, it is essential to invest in a bottle holder. It is a tool that serves to keep a bottle of wine in place. But also to keep intact their corks as well as their labels.

More importantly, a bottle holder allows you toavoid any risk of breakage. In fact, in addition to offering a presentation worthy of the finest restaurants, they are durable and can accommodate different bottles. Depending on the number of bottles you have, it is possible to get bottle holders in the form of :

  • Counter
  • Cabinet
  • Freestanding

However, the latter should be chosen according to the space you have. But also, according to its functionality. Indeed, a bottle holder can only be used for the exhibition. But, it can also be chosen to allow its owner a double use, with the conservation capacity.

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In the case of lockers, they are usually designed with metal. This is due to its durability even in outdoor environments. Therefore, it can be used daily without affecting its appearance. It should be added that metal is often synonymous with contemporary design and / or industrial. This provides modernity to your space and enhances it.

In addition, a metal bottle holder will allow you to keep your wine in a suitable position. This will prevent you from spilling a vintage wine or breaking a bottle. Moreover, their maintenance is easier. Because, the dust does not infiltrate and does not alter its taste, with time. Add to this, that it will also help you in the organization of your bottles (according to your preferences, their age, their origin ... etc.). And, you will be able to access them easily. But also acquire a very satisfactory visual rendering.

However, it will be essential to study the location of the metal bottle holder. Indeed, to be able to take full advantage of its benefits, it will be necessary to place it away from the light, and within an adequate temperature. This will prolong its life. But, it will also allow your wine to keep its flavor and its color. It will also prevent the corks from drying out.

Choose a metal bottle holder

When choosing a metal bottle holder, it will be essential to take into account certain criteria to be able to benefit from an adequate storage for your needs. The first criterion to take into account is its storage capacity. Indeed, if you have a large wine collection, it would not be practical to get a bottle holder with less than five slots. And the reverse is also true. Indeed, there is no point in cluttering up an entire room with a huge rack if you only have a few bottles. Unless you plan to expand your collection. In view of this, the storage should be chosen according to the size of your storage and the space you have in your room.

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The second criterion will be the choice according to the design of your home.

Finally, the last criterion is its morphology. To do this, examine your bottles, and determine the shape of the holder that will best suit them. However, if you don't know how to determine this, it's best to opt for a standard model.

Types of bottle holders

Bottle holders in general come in two types:

The self-supporting bottle holders

The advantage of this type of bottle door is space saving. It is necessary to know that it will be possible for you to find them in the form of rack to be placed in horizontal. As it will be possible to find them in single support. That is to say that each bottle will have its own support embedded in the wall. However, in this case, the protection against dust will not be possible. But, the advantage is that you will be able to add a support every time you have a new bottle. And, the final aesthetic result will be very beautiful.

Cabinet type bottle holders

This type of cabinet is to be preferred by wine lovers who have a important collections

The advantages of the metal bottle holder

Acquiring a metal bottle holder will allow its owner to :

  • Have a stable location
  • Have a bottle holder designed with a resistant and firm material
  • To emphasize its bottles
  • Keeping your wine at the right temperature
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