10 ideas for shows to see with your children

Harmony and joy in a family is a necessary and indispensable need for its well-being and proper functioning. In order to maintain the bonds and to renew those that have been destroyed, it is important to carry out activities together. Especially with children, the methods to strengthen the bonds are different. Going to family shows is a good idea indeed. To make your best family outings for money-making activities, here are 10 shows you should not miss with your children.

Family plays

Are you a fan of theatrical or more contemporary plays? This is an opportunity to introduce your children to the art of theater. You can bring your children to take part in the young audience offer in Parisian theaters or in suburban theaters. Several plays offer very funny and refreshing little scenes for teenagers and children.

To specify, plays are separated for children and teens. To better choose and enjoy the moment with your children, it is important to know the types of plays that will be performed to avoid wasting time on an inappropriate play.

Following plays opens and expands children's minds in the area of imagination and provides them with many ideas for their daily lives. These plays also have a positive effect on the morals and learning of young children.


Nothing to envy to the American musicals, the French ones are often programmed for Christmas and represent one of the most beautiful ideas of show in family. For the holidays, you have a wide range of musical shows that are selected and particularized for the family moments.

Some of these shows can be seen throughout the year or only during school vacations to focus on children. Many shows are organized and many children participate. This attracts and inspires many children to become interested in the field of musical theatre.

To make sure you don't miss your seat and your children's on the day of the show, it's smart to reserve seats in advance.

Circus shows

Circuses have not been on the same level for many years now. Indeed, these have evolved and the actions carried out are more impressive than those of previous years. The Cirques du Soleil, Gruss and d'hiver are for example top level circuses in France today.

You have traditional circuses with clowns, new circuses playing with poetry, dance or acrobatics that will easily interest your children and why not encourage them to gymnastics? You can take advantage of reduced cost tickets for your whole family and have an unforgettable time. To make the most of it, a reservation in advance is the best option.

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Family concerts

Family concerts are the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to different types of music and songs. This is one of the most rewarding and profitable outings. Not only do you have fun, but also for your children it is a discovery. They will discover instruments, composers, great artists and their works.

The music is explained to the children so they can understand what they are listening to and how to benefit from it. At the concerts, you and your family are offered a crazy, warm, family and joyful atmosphere; a unique and unforgettable moment. It is also an opportunity to give your children a taste for music.

Magic shows

Magicians' shows are one of the few categories of shows that fascinate both the elderly and children, including the very young.. You will always leave a magic show perplexed and bluffed. For most of these shows, the audience is not left out, it participates and has fun with enthusiasm.

Between magic tricks, optical illusions, transformation of all kinds, the disappearance of rabbits or levitation acts, you are spoilt for choice. Mentalist shows are also in the spotlight. You have the possibility to turn your little child into a magician's apprentice by letting him participate in the magician's tricks.

This is one of the most popular family shows because of the communication, joy and fun. It's the perfect opportunity to reconnect with you and your children or with each other.

Guignol and puppet theaters

Guignol has existed for over 200 years. It was created in 1806 and not a single wrinkle. It is a great classic of the shows which interests particularly the very small ones. This show fascinates them, and always offers them a surprise effect.

Numerous kiosks and theaters in parks and gardens broadcast puppet shows in Paris all year round. Generally speaking, these shows are broadcast on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and during the vacations. These programs have been chosen according to the common availability of children. They are open air or covered shows, depending on the place chosen.

In addition, it is important to know that the times and sessions of the puppet shows in Paris can be changed. You should therefore check the schedule to avoid getting lost.

Christmas shows for children

During the holiday season, several shows are specially organized for the little ones around the theme of Christmas and Santa Claus. During these Christmas shows, plays and musical tales for the little ones are performed. Already at the age of 1 year you can involve your child.

This is one of the best ideas to spend a moment of happiness with their family and friends, without forgetting the little ones. These shows enrich children's vocabulary and contribute to their intellectual, psychomotor and emotional development. You make a family outing an opportunity to learn new things to your little ones.

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Apzurd, the cabaret show for young and old

This is one of the most impressive and admirable cabarets in the world. It offers a lively show that sets children and seniors on fire. Young or old, everyone has fun at the same time. Between humor, poetry, beauty, you have everything to satisfy your most minute expectations.

A mixture of visual and sound techniques makes this cabaret special. The professional animators at work in this cabaret will lead you straight into a crazy universe that brings into play both techniques and means.

A solidarity show is indeed implemented to return a part of the profits to associations. You will take part for example in a succession of happy pulps parading; an earthworm doing a pole dance number; a sad singer whose misfortunes definitely make you laugh, a cuckoo and a chickadee joining together to take revenge on a boss, a miraculous unbridled gospel delivered by an American preacher who takes you with all the gods.

This is one of the safest show ideas to spend an unforgettable moment especially with your family. To miss such a cabaret despite the opportunity offered is a regrettable choice.

Fanfare, the show for the end of the year

The Electric Circus Band is on point for the holiday season. It's a family show that is usually performed on weekend matinees and during school vacations between November and December. The seasons have been well chosen to favour the children and allow them not to miss anything of the circus festivals.

Each year and on each stage, new approaches are implemented to vary and improve the quality of the performances. The electric orchestras conducted are becoming more and more efficient and offer scenes of superior quality. In the art presented during these circuses, you will have to admire the actions of clowns, acrobats with juggling, those with contortion, balance, straps, Chinese masts and aerial ones.

To make the wait go away and to enjoy your family relaxation, you can buy popcorn to accompany your cold drinks.

Aladdin, the show for young audiences returns to the Palais-Royal theater

Choosing to attend one of the most popular shows as a family is an opportunity to reconnect with your children. Aladdin is one of those Disney movies. The cartoon especially for children is one of the biggest successes of Disney animation studios in the 90s.

At the Palais-Royal theater, for example, this film has been one of the most performed for over 5 years. Inserting this film into one of your vacation programs is a great way to spend time with your family.

Take advantage of the season offered by this theater to introduce your children to this beautiful work if they have no idea yet; and why not take the opportunity to recall the story personally?

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