How to choose patio furniture for a professional restaurant

After the health crisis that took place last year, many people want to spend most of their time outside. Faced with this, restaurant terraces are often under siege. And, one of the main selection criteria of a restaurant has become the availability of a terrace. However, it is a process that can be quite exhausting; Indeed, between the many works to be done, the requests and authorizations to be made, the owner of the restaurant has a lot to think about. That's why we thought of you.

Terrace furniture for professional restaurants

Restaurant patio furnitureA professional restaurant is a brand that must attract its customers by the sophisticated dishes it offers. But also by the beauty and the layout of the place. Indeed, while walking in the street, our attention is often captured by the original, modern and well decorated facilities. In order to make your terrace profitable, it is essential to invest in a complete and high quality furniture. The first element to acquire will be the furniture where your customers can settle. You can then opt for the purchase of :

  • Chairs
  • Armchairs
  • Benches
  • Stools

It is also advisable to equip your chairs with cakes or pillows. This will allow a better comfort. In addition, for the protection of the chairs, it is advisable to cover them with a cover. The latter avoids their damage due to stains and dust. And, the maintenance process will be easier. Because, you will only have to remove it and wash it. Except that a chair should be sent to a professional.

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Then, you will have to think about the supports on which to serve your dishes. To do this, it is possible to buy different shapes of tablesWith several types of materials. However, in order not to damage their surface, it is recommended to buy table tops. These are waterproof and resistant to external aggressions. Therefore, you extend the life of your tables. In addition, in case of rearrangement of the tables, your floor may be damaged. To avoid this, you can equip their feet with silicone prosthesis. Ideally, this accessory should also be used for the chair legs.

After that, to make the moment that the customer will spend on your terrace pleasant, it will be essential to put in place a tool that will provide shade. This can bean umbrellaa pergola or an awning.

You will also needa separator for your terrace. This will allow you to delimit your space. And, will avoid that the passers-by take place there without consuming. It should be known that it is also possible to resort to the cords of reception which are less expensive. or with the posts which allow a better protection. And, offer the customer a little more privacy.

For cold nights, or for sunny fall or winter days, you can also open up your patio. Customers will be more inclined to sit there if you install a heater adapted.

Finally, some accessories can also improve the comfort of your customers. We think for example of the insect trapsor ashtrays.

Choosing patio furniture design for a professional restaurant

The style is a very important element in the choice of your furniture. Indeed, thanks to it, you will be able to attract more customers. In general, a professional restaurant is often decorated with a classic and pure style. Faced with this, it is essential that your terrace is also. It is therefore necessary to choose colors that match the interior of the restaurant. This will avoid compartmentalization. And, will allow to have a continuity and a harmony.

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In addition to this, the choice of your furniture should also take into account cutting. Tables should be matched with chairs. Therefore, if you take a round table, you should avoid round chairs.

Finally, during your choice, it will be important to consider whether the shape chosen will enhance the space dedicated to the terrace.

The importance of materials for patio furniture in a professional restaurant

This is an important element if you don't want to throw away your furniture every year. To do this, it will be important to choose furniture made with a robust materialdurable and resistant. In view of this, it is recommended to favour aluminumsynthetic rattan or plastic. Your choice should be made according to your budget. In view of this, here are our 10 tips and tricks to buy cheaper on the internet.

Think of the decoration for your professional restaurant terrace

The fantasy within your deck will be an important asset. Therefore, opt for the installation of plants and flowers for a natural and magical look. And, attract the attention of passers-by, during the night, with the installation of garlandsand lighting as well as floor lamps. This will allow you to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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