Pneumatic tools: between performance and practicality!

Pneumatic tools are popular with professionals. However, they are tools that are available to everyone, even individuals. They are appreciated for their extremely simple operation and ease of use. Pneumatic tools have many advantages that can be put to good use in various DIY jobs.

Operating principle of pneumatic tools

A pneumatic tool is a device that is activated by a volume of compressed air that produces a substantial force to operate a device. We invite you to click here for to discover the best pneumatic tool models of the moment.

Each unit has a compressor in the form of a single- or twin-cylinder pump that is used to compress the air and allow the tool to start when you use it. There are also air hoses and fittings that are used to provide the power needed for each action to be performed with the tool.

The different advantages of pneumatic tools

The purchase of a pneumatic tool offers various advantages that some power tools do not.

Better ergonomics

Some pneumatic tools, such as the high productivity grinder, offer much better ergonomics than other versions on the market.

Its weight and vibration threshold are minimal and allow you to work with peace of mind and without much effort. Also, you can do more work in a day without feeling very tired.  

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A good quality/price ratio

A pneumatic tool offers better value for money in terms of weight and power compared to an electric tool. It provides a lot of power for its size and weight.

With a pneumatic tool, the input power is equal to the output power, which is not the case with a power tool. With the latter, the output power is lower than the input power. This gives you increased productivity. In addition, pneumatic tools are insensitive to electrical overloads. Their use allows you to maintain a programmed power to complete your work quickly.   

A total absence of electrical discharge

Pneumatic tools are regularly used in wet work environments because they are materials that do not conduct electrical current. They are insensitive to water and chemicals. Cleaning areas and professionals working in the mining industry prefer to use them because no sparks that could generate an electrical discharge result.

They deliver unprecedented performance in tough working environments. Unlike a power tool, they are dust and water resistant and do not need to be shut down regularly to prevent overheating.

Pneumatic tools are primarily designed for use in shipyards, foundries, oil platforms, and petrochemical refineries. They are manufactured for 24/7 use. This allows you to be efficient and productive in whatever you do, even if you use it for home use. 

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