Why file sharing and online collaboration are important for businesses

Every organization is built on teamwork. The ability to share files, collaborate and communicate seamlessly is crucial to all workplace processes. In the past, file sharing and collaboration was often time consuming and expensive. However, thanks to advances in modern technology, file sharing and collaboration have never been easier. Today, it only takes a few clicks to get things done. No more wasting paper to print files or waiting for hours or even days for the courier to deliver the documents ; The fact is that technologies like cloud storage and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) have completely changed the way things are done in the workplace. In this article, we'll look at some of the benefits of online file sharing and collaboration for businesses.

Reduce costs

Online file storage and sharing allows businesses to reduce administrative costs. With platforms like FileCloud, there's no need to invest in large hard drives, an in-house server and other related infrastructure. You also don't need to pay couriers to deliver files to clients or colleagues in another location. The best part is that there are cloud solutions for every type of business, whether it's a small startup or a large multinational. This means that companies can focus their investments on other pressing needs that will increase efficiency and productivity.

FileCloud has a flexible pricing structure to suit any business. You can choose to go with our cloud storage platform or our VDI solution. Whichever option you choose, you'll benefit from some of the best and most affordable online cloud storage and sharing tools available today. For example, we allow you to create free accounts for your customers and external partners so you can securely share documents with them.

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Seamless collaboration

One of the main benefits of online file storage and sharing is that collaboration is seamless. You can share files instantly, access information quickly and avoid unnecessary delays. Not only that, you can work from anywhere and collaborate in real time with people located in any part of the world. Today, physical location doesn't have to be a barrier in the quest to be the best team in your workplace. Workers can perform their duties from anywhere, as if they were physically present in the office. This goes a long way in improving the overall efficiency of an organization.

FileCloud provides a variety of tools to promote seamless collaboration. For example, you can restrict access to specific files so they can only be viewed, but not edited or printed. You can also leave comments on files to keep your colleagues informed. You can even choose to receive notifications when a file or folder is modified and also automate certain processes using the If This, Then That protocol. These are just some of the collaboration tools you get when you choose FileCloud. Other features of FileCloud that promote collaboration include unlimited integration with Microsoft Office as well as unlimited file versioning so you can go back and avoid losing anything.


Security has always been a headache for businesses, and it continues to be an issue in modern times. Online file sharing and can go a long way in reducing the security holes that exist in organizations. Since all of your company's files are stored in one place, it reduces the chances of careless employees leaking sensitive files into the wrong hands. The fact is that not all online file storage and sharing platforms offer the same level of security. Many cloud storage solutions like Dropbox have fallen victim to cyberattacks. That's why you should choose a trusted platform like FileCloud.

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At FileCloud, we understand the importance of security, which is why we provide comprehensive protection for your files. This includes encrypting your files in storage and in transit, scanning files for ransomware, and the ability to integrate FileCloud with any enterprise antivirus solution. You can also restore accidentally deleted files, restrict access to certain files, and remotely wipe all corporate data from a lost device.

Project management

File sharing and online collaboration make project management easier than ever. With all your company's files stored in one place, you can check on your team's progress and help them move forward. You can also communicate instantly with team members. All of this means that your business can consistently meet deadlines, even if you're working remotely.

FileCloud provides everything you need to organize your workers and get projects completed on time. You can check who worked on each file, what changes the person made to the file, and even the type of device used and the location of the person. With FileCloud, you'll never have to fall behind on deadlines and disappoint your clients.

No hassle during the audit

Managers often dread auditing because it involves having to search for documents. However, with online file storage and sharing, you don't have to worry about that since there is a record of every document. Plus, since all your company's files are stored in one place, accessing them is simple.

The FileCloud platform is HIPAA, FINRA, FIPS 140-2 and GDPR compliant. You can access a full audit log of each file. You can also search for files in your company's database using metadata or document keywords.

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