Greece, the ideal destination for a good stay

The places to explore during a trip should be chosen carefully to make the most of the time you spend there. To make sure you get the most out of your vacation, Greece is one of the best places to go, whether with family or friends.

Starting point of the West

In ancient times, Greece was considered the center of the world, with the village of Delphi at its center. It is popular with tourists to visit this place, but also the temple of Apollo that takes place there.
The capital Athens is also attractive to tourists, and many go there to visit the Acropolis, or the Parthenon. Away from these sites, one can find the ruins of Rhodes, Mycenae, or the ancient site of Olympia.

Lots of beautiful islands

If you are a lover of pleasant and quiet places, Greece is able to offer you a large number of small islands. All of them are distinguished by the presence of beautiful beaches, where you can relax at your leisure.
If you are looking for cities that are lively at night, you can go to places like Thessaloniki. There is everything to please the visitors, such as good local food, or many parties where you can drink, dance and listen to loud music.

When to leave?

Greece has a Mediterranean climate. A temperate climate that is characterized by dry and hot summers and humid and mild winters. This means that the weather is always good, especially in June and July.
Many tourists come to the rendezvous in the summer period every year there. This is the high tourist season when all destinations are booked earlier. If you choose to travel to Greece during this period, you need to prepare and organize yourself months in advance and contact a travel agency. If not, you can leave around April-May or September-October. Tourists are less present during this time and temperatures remain pleasant.

Greek cuisine

Greek cuisine is typically Mediterranean and recognized worldwide: simple, traditional and generous. All dishes are made with fresh and local ingredients and sometimes flavored with olive, oregano and honey.
The famous Greek dishes to enjoy:

  • choriatiki (Greek village or peasant salad), the most famous in Greece and can be prepared in 10 minutes;
  • tzatzki (cucumber salad with yogurt);
  • feta cheese, the king of cheese in Greece;
  • Moussaka, the most famous dish in the world (gratin of minced meat, plus eggplant and drizzled with tomato sauce and bechamel;
  • fish and seafood (you will find them on the islands): fresh octopus and squid;
  • Souvláki: meat brochettes (beef, chicken or pork) with tzatzki, French fries and vegetables.
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