Some pleasures to find during a stopover in Havana

As a capital city, Havana has a few surprises in store for the enjoyment of its visitors. When the opportunity of a stay arises, it is better to make a small program to list the things to do once there. As a suggestion, here is a selection of the best activities to be found in the city's neighborhoods.

Visits to the most important places in the Cuban capital

It goes without saying that visits are the first things to do when staying in the largest city in Cuba. Regarding the squares, for example, there is plenty to do between the Armas Square, the Revolution Square or the Old Square. Like the latter, they are emblematic and particularly lively places to discover during a stay in Havana. Visitors and vacationers can enjoy visiting the rum museum or the chocolate. These places are famous for their singularity and the different things they exhibit in their midst. In St. Francis of Assisi Square, the attraction lies rather in the view it offers over the city. Besides, it is considered the most beautiful in Havana. For an urban expedition, the site is to be privileged especially.

The moments of pleasure to be privileged during the stay

Of course, Havana's interests are not limited to its tourist sites. Tourists who choose the Cuban capital to spend their vacations can also indulge in other activities leisure. Smokers, for example, have every right to exult in the famous Cuban cigars by taking a tour of the Upmann factory. The real moment of pleasure during the visit is when you pass by the store for a tasting accompanied by a bottle of rum. This kind of tour is a must during a stay in the capital. With the help of an agency such as Travel to Cuba, for example, it is possible to concoct a list of occupations including these moments of pleasure. On the other hand, another attraction that certainly arouses interest is the tours of the city by coco-taxi. Competing with the American cars in the city, these means of transportation stand out as well.

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Unsuspected occupations to try during your stay in Havana

Tasting mojito, the national cocktail, in the best bars of the city is, without a doubt, a must-do leisure. Besides, it is especially recommended for tourists who wish to immerse themselves in the typical atmosphere of Havana in particular and Cuba in general. If the adventure is organized by an agency such as Travel to Cuba, for example, it is better to negotiate a slot in the program of stay in Cuba Prestige Travels to be able to enjoy it. The only requirement is to find out the address of the best establishments in the city. On this tasting path, a street-food menu is also worth trying. There is no lack of street vendors in the streets of Havana. With the right information, it is possible to find pieces to nibble on according to Cuban know-how. Notice to the gourmets.

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