A very convenient number for customer service

Of course you know that all companies have a customer service department, but it is more or less easy to reach. The best solution is to opt for a single number that should make your life less complex. You should know that this solution is ideal and it also saves you time. For example, you don't have to search for contact information on a website and spend a lot of time searching. The customer service offers a single number and you will have all the information you need.

How to use the famous number?

You don't need to take any training or learn about a guide to understand that all you have to do is call the number given on the home page. You dial 118 018 on your phone and you are quickly connected to a trained operator. The operator is able to answer all your questions, whether they are specific or a little complex.

  • You have a unique number, it is easy to remember, but be careful, because it is not free.
  • You have to pay 3 euros for the call and 3 euros for a single minute, the longer the call, the bigger the bill.
  • You don't have to wait for long minutes, because the connection to the customer service is fast.
  • You even have a list of the most wanted customer services like Sosh, Le Bon Coin or Cdiscount.
  • Of course, all areas are available, from e-commerce to shopping malls and telephony.

It is important to know this number so as not to waste time searching in vain for contact information that is never the right one or the one you were hoping for. You now know that this method is versatile and very effective. If you are not satisfied with the answers of the customer service, you can also contact the consumer service.

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