How to choose a freight forwarding company?

Finding the best transportation company for your business not only allows you to outsource your supply chain management and logistics needs to experts, but it also allows you to increase efficiency for both your business and your customers. Also known as third-party logistics providers, they offer a number of supply chain management solutions, such as warehousing, fulfillment and distribution, all under one roof.

Does the carrier have the right experience?

Once you've identified a good logistics provider with the transportation capacity to meet your needs, you want to make sure they can actually deliver on their promise. Some things to consider: have they worked with your type of cargo before? Have they imported and exported goods from the countries you work with? Are they financially stable? Are they well connected? Are they established with a long and successful history? As we will see later, stability is essential when entering into a long-term partnership with impeccable service. Customer service will determine your experience with your new service provider, so you want to make sure it's good before you enter into a long-term partnership. If you have a question or problem with any of your shipments, you want to make sure you get the information and assistance you need quickly and efficiently. Make sure they are responsive and knowledgeable before committing to their services.

A network of global agents

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How your international shipments are handled at both your port of origin and your port of destination is the responsibility of your freight forwarder with transportation capabilities. Because international shipping requires considerable logistics, the right freight forwarder for your business is one with the right network of global agents. When choosing a forwarding company, make sure that its network and connections work in the destination country where your goods will be shipped. This will allow the flow of information to work properly, confirming that your products arrive in a timely and secure manner. When looking for a freight forwarder for your business, ask to see their credentials and certifications. Certifications and credentials will tell you whether or not a freight forwarder has the specialized training and security requirements to handle your goods.  

An impeccable customer service

Like any other industry, customer service is important. A freight forwarder with excellent customer service will provide the support you need to expand internationally. This is especially crucial if this is your first foray into the foreign market. Exceptional customer service ensures that you have direct access to the agent who handles your shipment. They will provide you with open lines of communication if you have any questions about a shipment. In addition, they will have a high level of responsiveness, alerting you to any problems or delays with your shipment. Just like choosing an accountant, supplier or vendor, research is key. Whether this is your first attempt at international shipping or you are already a recognized veteran of freight forwarding, take your time and research various freight forwarding companies.

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