6 ways to boost the Wifi signal of your Internet box

What could be more frustrating than watching a video on Youtube and it stops in the middle, just before the best moment. Maybe it's trying to open your mailbox and being faced with a blank page. Then you start to wonder what's going on. Survival reflex, take a look at the Wifi icon, at the very bottom right of the screen, on your taskbar. With only one unfortunate signal bar or an orange star and the message "Not connected", you are not likely to go any further. A little flick to bring your laptop or tablet closer to the box and you gain a signal bar. The situation is clear! Your Wifi signal is not strong enough to reach your room.

To boost the Wifi signal of your box here are 6 tips:

1. Choose a better place for your Internet router (box)

To find the strategic place where to place your Wifi router (or box) in your home, you must first ask yourself the right question: In which rooms of my house will I need my Wifi connection the most?  

Depending on the answer, you may want to place the router in the closest location and at the intersection of all the rooms that need to be served. You can also move the router away from the bathroom or garage as you probably won't need it in these rooms.

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The same logic applies on several floors of a house. You have to choose the floor for which you want to have a good signal and install your router there.

2. Avoiding interference

Unless you live like a modern-day monk, your router is not the only electronic equipment you own. Many devices emit waves even if it is not their primary function. The TV, the microwave oven, or more obviously, your wireless phone, interfere with the signal of your box. You must therefore make sure to place your router in a place far from any electrical appliance.

3. Change the broadcast channel

The Wifi signal emitted by your box is transmitted on a specific channel among the 14 channels dedicated to this use. This channel can be saturated or disturbed if there are other routers and other devices that also use it to broadcast their signal. You can therefore boost the performance of your Wifi network by changing the channel. To do this, you must reconfigure your box (Wifi router) through the interface provided by your provider (Free, Orange or other). Please note that At Free there is an option, which you can activate, that allows your box to automatically choose the best performing channel.

4. Upgrade your router

It is possible that the internal software of your router (box) has bugs or limitations. Manufacturers regularly offer updates and fixes to improve the performance and quality of their equipment. Applying these updates can bring significant improvements so do not hesitate to consult the website of your provider (Free, Orange or other) to know how to benefit from them.

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5. Check that the problem is not with your computer

Putting everything on the back of your wifi network and your box is not necessarily correct. It may be that the source of the problem is the receiver and not the transmitter. If the signal is weak on your computer, test your connection with another device such as a smartphone, tablet or other computer. You can also consider updating your computer's Wifi drivers, if that is where the problem lies.

6. Buy a Wifi repeater

As its name suggests, it is a device that allows you to repeat your Wifi signal to reach places that are usually inaccessible. You place the repeater between your router and the place where you want to get a quality signal and it does the rest. This is a good solution for large houses or places with specific architecture that reduces the diffusion of Wifi.

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