12 tips to avoid having your car stolen

You have worked hard and saved money to be able to afford your car, it takes you to work every morning, it makes you discover places you didn't even know existed and at one point you even thought of giving it a nickname ;-). If you're one of those people who love their car, you certainly don't want to have it stolen.

Every year in France, about 200,000 cars are stolen and less than half of these cars are recovered. We have put together some tips and tricks to protect you from theft and keep you out of the statistics.

1. Do not leave valuables in the room

Leaving valuable objects in your car is an invitation to be robbed that a malicious person will certainly not refuse. Make sure that nothing in your car attracts the curiosity of thieves and you will be more at ease.

2. Highlight the alarm system

On the other hand, what you should highlight is the alarm or security system present in your car. Between a car equipped with a security system and another without protection, therefore easier to steal, the choice for the thief is quickly made. Install a flashing LED or a prominent sticker as a deterrent. Small precision: a dog in a car is NOT an alarm 😉

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3. Put it away in a garage

A thief is not going to bother to break into a garage door to finally steal your car when he can take a car right off the street. Garages don't make life easy for car thieves, and if you have one, it's best to use it to keep your car safe.

4. Check that everything is locked

It's an obvious tip, but a little reminder doesn't hurt: before you leave your car, make sure all the windows are closed and the doors are locked, even if you're just getting out of the car to get your baguette. bread.

5. Park in the right place

Don't be surprised if your car isn't where you left it if you park in a bad neighborhood. The advice is to choose a place that is well lit, secure and not too far from the houses.

6. Do not exit with the engine running

You are taking a big risk when you leave the engine running and go outside to de-ice your windshield or have a smoke while waiting for the engine to warm up. Thieves are always on the lookout and it is not certain that your car insurance reimburses you knowing that you left the engine running and the key in the ignition.

7. Place an anti-theft cane

The principle of the anti-theft cane is to deter thieves from attacking your car when there are others around that are easier to steal. Be aware that an experienced thief will not be intimidated by an anti-theft cane at all.

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8. Do not leave the spare key or papers in the car

It would be a pity to make it easier for thieves, especially since they systematically look for the spare key in the car before trying to connect the wires to start it. The same goes for the papers, which will be useful to the thief to avoid being arrested by the police and to sell the car more easily.

9. Brake the wheels against the sidewalk

This will make it difficult for the thief to start the car if he or she decides to drive it anyway by releasing the handbrake.

10. Take the wheel with you

A car without a steering wheel isn't exactly easy to drive, and thieves don't go around with a steering wheel in their hands. On some cars, installing a special adapter gives you the ability to remove the steering wheel. Do a little research on Google and you may find what you are looking for.

11. Install a circuit breaker

The principle is to install a switch, usually connected to the wires of the starter, which will be well hidden, and which must be activated otherwise the car will not start. As long as the thief can't find the kill switch, your car won't move from where you left it.

12. Install a GPS tracker

The GPS tracker won't stop thieves from taking your car, but you'll get it back quickly as long as you know exactly where it is at any given time. A good investment for luxury car owners.

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