How do I cancel my car insurance contract?

In France, every car owner must obtain car insurance for their vehicle, even if they do not use it. For various reasons, some motorists wish to terminate their insurance contract. A car insurance policy should be automatically renewed at the end of each year. So, to allow them to easily terminate their contract, the French legislation proposes different ways of renouncing. Whether it is before or after the expiration of the contract or even if the situation changes, the procedure to follow is indicated here.

If your car insurance contract is less than one year old

Of course, you can suspend your auto coverage before the end of the one-year commitment period. But, such a termination must be done in special cases: removal, demolition, disposal or car theft. Generally, these situations are determined by a change in living conditions leading to a change in the risk threshold. For a move, for example, the insured must request cancellation by registered letter. From the first day of the move, the insured has a reasonable period of three months to exercise his or her right of cancellation.

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If your car insurance contract is coming up to its anniversary date

This term states that you wish to terminate your auto insurance agreement at its expiration date. There are two options available to you:

Cancellation at the end of your contract

Here, the duration of the insurance is defined by the policy or coverage agreement. However, you have the right to terminate the contract after one year. To do so, you must send a cancellation letter to your insurance company, 2 months minimum before it expires. For example, if the contract is scheduled to expire on December 31, the letter must be sent by October 31.

Opposition to the tacit renewal of your contract

Even though the contract is automatically extended every year, it is possible to object to it. To simplify this process, the insurer must tell you, along with the annual renewal notice, the deadline for terminating the coverage contract. After the notice of termination has been sent, you will have twenty days to ask the insurer not to renew the contract. This request must be sent by registered mail to the insurer.

If your car insurance contract is older than one year

Was your auto coverage purchased more than a year ago? You can cancel it without worrying about the validity date. In addition, it is possible to take out coverage with another insurer free of charge and without indemnity. However, you should know that the new insurer must take care of the procedures related to the fence of the contract. After the new insurer has notified the previous one, the cancellation will be effective after one month. More information on the modalities of cancel your car insurance here.

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If your insurance contract increases its rates

It will be necessary to ensure that the insurer has provided for a clause clearly stipulating the possibility of cancellation following an increase in the insurance premium. If this condition is present, you will have a period of fifteen days to one month after becoming aware of the increase. This is the time allowed to send your insurer a letter of cancellation.

Theft or sale of your vehicle: you can cancel your car insurance contract

For the transfer or sale of a car, the cancellation of the insurance policy can be done on day following the sale. Even if your contract is valid for less than a year. But you must send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to your insurer specifying the date of transfer. The contract will be retracted within ten days after the transmission of your letter. If the car has disappeared due to theft, you will have two days to notify the insurance company. In this case, the waiver is effective the day after the registered letter is received.

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