How to accessorize your vintage dress?

You have recently fallen for a little dress of a online store for vintage clothing. The only problem is that you don't really know which accessories to wear. Depending on the style you want to give to your outfit, you will not necessarily wear the same accessories. Silver or gold jewelry? Some boots or sandals? In short, between the pin-up of the 50s and the bohemian chic of the 70s, you have to choose. But don't panic, here are some tips to harmonize your accessories with your new vintage dress! 

Don't overdo it 

Although we want to do well be careful not to do too much. The vintage dress thanks to its colorful side, already brings a nice touch of femininity. If your dress is typical of the retro years, it will be marked at the waist and flared on the length. No need for big belts risking to make "Too Much". We will leave the dress to the natural and we will complete in case of fresh weather with a nice jacket in Camel color or even a light beige. Boots can also finish the dress. Favoring velvet type materials and neutral colors like black will be perfect.

The jewels

If you like jewelry, you can wear it but in small touches. On the neck, we prefer light things in silver or white gold. Opt for necklaces that do not go down on the dress and remains close to the neck. Indeed, the vintage dresses are often colored and decorated with patterns, putting a necklace would not be very interesting. You can however make up for it at the wrist level by dressing them with thicker bracelets or even a nice watch. As for earrings, you can let yourself be tempted by beautiful rings of the size of your choice (not too big anyway) by staying in sober colors completing your necklace. 

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The make-up 

Ah...Makeup. It all depends on the look you want to have. If you are going for a pin-up style, let yourself be tempted by a nice bright red giving your mouth the sexy side of the 50s. A line of black eyeliner will add a touch of mystery and a pink blush will finish it off perfectly. If you want a lighter makeup, keep your eyeliner on the eyes without going overboard. Avoid a flashy lipstick and go for more neutral and natural tones. A light complexion will also be very nice. We often forget it, but if you want to keep a pin-up look, think of the varnish that will finish your look wonderfully. If you haven't put on a brightly colored lipstick, you can in this case, opt for a beautiful blood red on your little hands. On the other hand, try to keep more neutral and natural colors on your fingers if your makeup is already present. 


On the side hair we find ourselves there too with several possibilities. It all depends if you want to play the retro side thoroughly or in a light and natural way and the style of your dress. 

For the pin-up look, you can choose to leave your hair free while accessorizing it with a satin bow or a voluminous flower for example. If you prefer to go for a slightly more bohemian look, wrapping your hair in the bottom part of a head band in rather neutral and light tones. The scarf could also be perfect for a summer side.

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If you want a real 50's look, go for a beautiful blow-dry and big curls. Quite simple to achieve, you will just need a round brush and a hair dryer. Don't hesitate to add hairspray to make it last all day, especially if you have hard-to-curl hair. 

Finally you can also opt for a 60's bun. This hairstyle goes into a very pin-up look but also into something more natural. Not very complicated to achieve, you will however need hairspray to make sure that no rebellious strands ruin your style. 

More tips

If you want to bring your vintage dress up to date, think about butterfly style sunglasses that will perfectly match for a 60s look. As for the coat, although the Camel jacket does its job very well, depending on the style you want, the blazer could very well be worn for a more rock look. If you choose a summer side, we will leave rather on golden jewels, spartan or simple sandals on the feet and why not a bucket bag to finish your outfit to perfection.

Finally, don't try to mix looks from different years. Although this dress brings a style of another era, do not hesitate to bring a modern touch to your outfit to stay in the air of time.

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