Which e-liquids are most like Marlboro?

The electronic cigarettes have become popular in recent years. They have several advantages, both economically, in the long term, as well as in terms of health. Indeed, it can be used to vapourize e-liquids with different components. Some contain tobacco in small quantities. This can be very effective for people who want to quit smoking. While other e-liquids are made with cannabidiol. These are much more interesting, because the CBD has various alleged health benefits. Whatever your choice, you should know that it will be possible to find several flavors. Many former smokers find the taste of tobacco in different e-liquids. However, those that are closer to Marlboro are quite rare to find or are quite expensive. In this article, you can know the e-liquids that resemble Marlboro.

The e-liquids for electronic cigarette

The e-liquids are available in several models. However, their content is generally quite similar. Indeed, it contains :

  • Food flavors ;
  • Propylene glycol ;
  • Nicotine.

However, you should know that some e-liquids have no trace of nicotine. And it is thanks to the propylene glycol which evaporates that the user can carry out the process of vapotage. It is important to know that this component is very common in cosmetics, food additives and smoked machines. Therefore, even if you do not know it, you have surely consumed it in other products. Therefore, it does not represent any danger for your health.

For those who want to opt for an e-liquid with nicotine, it will be essential to choose the right dosage. If you intend to have the same sensations that when you smoke an ordinary cigarette, it is advisable to turn to the equivalent dosage between 0.8 and 18 mg.

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The e-liquids for electronic cigarette

When it comes to flavor, the best alternative is to taste all the available choices. To choose the one that suits you best. You should know that it is possible to find uncommon ones like mint, orange, cola or kiwi flavors, but many people prefer to settle for the traditional cigarette flavors. Among the most famous, we find the one of Marlboro.

E-liquid Marlboro flavor

People who choose an e-liquid Marlboro flavor generally want to find the extraordinary sensations that provide American cigarettes MLB. The latter is a brand known worldwide for the pleasure it provides, but also for the flavors of blond tobacco that one finds there. Indeed, the latter allows a subtle mixture of titillation of the taste buds and sweetness. However, because of the health problems it causes, e-liquid manufacturers have introduced a flavor that corresponds to that of a traditional cigarette MLB. Their introduction on the market has been a success. Indeed, consumers have welcomed it very well, because it allows to preserve health and to find the incomparable taste of Marlboro, but it must be added that it also allows them to save money, given the perpetual increase in the price of cigarettes. However, you should know that there are several brands of e-liquids that offer this flavor.

The e-liquids that look most like Marlboro

When e-liquids came out, many flavors were put on the market, but consumers show a preference for those that take the taste of real cigarettes. It gives them the same sensation as when they smoke a regular cigarette. The flavor that has charmed the most is Marlboro. You can then find it with the brands :

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Jolie Blonde by Liquideo

It is one of the top three best Marlboro e-liquid. Indeed, its fragrances faithfully reproduce the flavors of blond tobacco characteristic of this cigarette. You can then get the Marlboro taste:

  • Gold;
  • Light;
  • Classic.

And this at the dosage you want. Indeed, the nicotine rate is available from 0 to 18 mg and this e-liquid is sold from 4 euros.

The e-liquid FR-4 of the brand Alfaliquid

This e-liquid will also allow you to find the aroma of Marlboro cigarettes. However, a small addition has been made. Indeed, you will be able to enjoy a small aftertaste of caramel. Moreover, what is also appreciated, it is the absence of awkward smell. This can be useful for people who want to smoke discreetly. In addition to these brands, you can turn to :

  • Ekoms;
  • Liqua;
  • Halo;
  • Maily quid.

The criteria for choosing e-liquid that most resembles Marlboro

In order to effectively choose your most Marlboro-like e-liquid, it will be essential to set up some evaluation criteria. First of all, select those that will give you an authentic 100 % experience. To do this, you will be able to try several e-liquids and choose the best one, or it will also be possible for you to consult the opinion of other users. Then, the second criterion will be the choice of taste (dry or neutral) and that of supplements (caramel, sweet, acid, etc.). Finally, the last parameter concerns the choices in terms of nicotine rate.

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