Moving abroad, what to do with your belongings

Choosing to move abroad is certainly an exciting and unpredictable adventure. If you are planning an international move, careful planning is necessary to anticipate sudden events. Moreover, planning everything in advance will allow you to settle in your destination country with complete peace of mind.

What to do with your old home?

When the plan of your move becomes certain and you are going to live abroad after a few months, it becomes necessary to put some things in order, especially the accommodation you currently occupy.

If you own a house or an apartment, you have two choices: either sell your property before you move or rent it out. In order to make this decision, you will need to consider many factors. For example, if the market is favorable at the moment to make the sale, your future plans and others. If you decide to sell your property, also consider the time it will take to find a buyer and to complete the paperwork.

If you are a tenant, it is absolutely necessary to respect the notice period imposed. The notice period generally depends on various criteria, including whether you are moving to a new job and whether the apartment is furnished or not. So don't forget to inform the owner of your departure before two to three months.

Transportation of your belongings

When it comes to a move, whether it is simply from one house to another or internationally, the volume, weight and choice of transportation for your personal belongings are essential points to consider. Of course, the volume of items to be taken will depend on the geographical distance of your destination country, its climate and the length of your anticipated stay.

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Generally, it is preferable to use the services of specialized movers. They will be able to prepare your goods and pack them properly to eliminate the risk of breakage and loss. In addition, these specialists know the customs rules that must be followed for each country, which allows them to help you with the taxes to be paid and the procedures to be followed. Before preparing the estimate, the movers need to know your destination and visit your home in order to identify fragile objects that require specific packaging and to calculate the volume of furniture.

Regarding the proposed transport solutions, it can be a transport by truck, by boat or by plane. The time and cost of this procedure generally varies according to the chosen solution.

What belongings and furniture to take with you?

The choice of furniture that you will take with you on this project is a very important factor. Moreover, it is essential to sort out your belongings in order to put the necessary things in order.

If you are moving by yourself, remember to take only the bare minimum with you, especially small items, do not hesitate to sell your clothes in excess. Your old furniture can be left in your current home if you decide to rentsold or kept in a storage facility.

If you decide to use the services of a professional mover, remember to give priority to the transportation of valuable and fragile objects and furniture. 

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Don't forget to put aside your documents and anything else that may be needed during your move, when sorting your belongings. Besides, once the boxes are prepared and loaded, it will be impossible to open them again. 

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