How do I fix a boiler that doesn't respond to its thermostat?

You decide to turn on your radiators because it's too cold, and op a surprise awaits you! They don't work, no matter how hard you push the thermostat, but to no avail. The problem seems to lie in the boiler that doesn't turn like it used to. Why won't your boiler start?

After having tried in vain, you have just noticed that the malfunction seems to come from the boiler which does not want to turn anymore. Why doesn't your boiler start? In this guide article we will explain everything you need to know about your boiler breaking down.

What exactly accounts for a thermostat defect?

Now, if you notice that you can't control your boiler from the thermostat, you need to know that one of the two components is not working.

To properly decipher where the problem is coming from and how to fix it, you will need to first find the one that is experiencing the problems. To start, you need to clear some of the bases that could be causing your heating problems you can even call Emergency plumber Paris

In order to reach and maintain the optimal operating temperature of the engine, thermostats act as a monitor of the engine cooling system, controlling the cooling temperature on the one hand, and regulating its flow in the radiator on the other hand.

The famous and best known cause of a permanently open thermostat is a blocked piston. Abrasion can cause damage to the thermostat but also a defect. The open thermostat can also be blocked by a foreign body. As a result, it cannot close when it cools down.

Once the spring plate of the thermostat is very well supported the thermostat housing but also the thermostat itself at any time can detach that is why the thermostat is no longer suspended

More and more and with time the seal of the expansion element starts to leak allowing the wax to escape. And this is what shows in function of the expansion material the element of the latter does not have enough strength anymore to work well automatically and that the thermostat remains closed.

On the other hand, the most common cause of card-controlled thermostats is an electric actuator that no longer works. So the movement of the working piston over time gives way to the cooling water in the actuator and blocks it.

Your room to maneuver in case of failure 

The thermostat is therefore a little electronic marvel. Its programmer is completely electronic. To stop or start the boiler its controller uses a thermal bimetal switch. It is out of the question that you can intervene on the programmer. As for the operation of the bimetal, it is far from being within the reach of a plumber.

Broken boiler

If you've followed these basics and still can't find an answer and your thermostat and furnace can't communicate properly. This means that your boiler is still malfunctioning. There are several reasons for this.

If your boiler is having trouble responding to your thermostat and can no longer function normally, unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye to your old boiler.

In summary, if the thermostat stops opening, you should only continue to drive if you can't stop. You should always monitor the temperature. With an open thermostat, continuing your trip is not a problem, but you are polluting more.

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