All the reasons to open a business at this historic moment

Continuous regulatory changes, an ever-changing market and macroeconomic uncertainty are now determining factors for the future of the business. At the same time, these almost negative elements can offer many opportunities to those who decide to open a business at this historic moment.
That said, let's try to clarify and understand the real reasons for starting a business today.

Opening a business: why now?

People only act when absolutely necessary and generally understand that they don't need to do anything except in emergency situations.
The strong words are those of Jean Monnet, one of the founding fathers of the European Union. Words that should ring in the ears of many potential entrepreneurs. Today, it doesn't look like it, but it's the right time to open a business and take advantage of the many opportunities the market offers.
Starting a business, of course, is not easy, do you know how many companies have failed before consolidating their business?

Today, those who want to open a business must be good at managing the emergency in the best possible way and find strategic solutions that allow them to turn the crisis into an opportunity and think about a better future than the current one.
Crisis yes, but also a great opportunity
Just as in the stock market, where financial speculators enter the market when everyone else wants out, the same strategy should be used by those who have an idea in mind and want to make it a business.
When everyone gets out, the market is freer and there are fewer competitors to contend with on the path to entrepreneurship. At a time when the vacation rental industry and all of tourism was about to slide into the abyss.
All the best companies were born during a crisis. Uber comes to mind, born at the worst time in the cab industry. If you think about it, why shouldn't the same thing happen now?

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Simple and pointless recruitments

Today, as never before, it is easier to find talent to bring into your corporate structure. Perhaps because they have lost their job or because they are happy with a lower salary considering the time period.
The fact is that it is easier and, especially in the start-up phase (but not only), talent is fundamental.
Initially, to limit labor costs, in addition to using corporate welfare, they may use alternative compensation methods: equity participation or types of compensation including cash and other types of bonuses.
Among other things, in the next budget law, a series of contribution reliefs should be included to facilitate recruitment.

New forms of financing

Companies, in the first phase of launching, can easily get crucial financing. This does not mean that the state or anyone else can finance the whole project for this: it is necessary to put in a large part of the capital (although in some cases it is also easy to have everything built for free).
Getting financing is easier than before: the cost of credit capital is very low. However, not everything is easy: the cost is lower but obviously the procedures and timing have not changed.
Every operation has a definite time, everything does not happen immediately. But at the same time, why not take advantage of this opportunity?
In addition, in the next finance law, there will probably be measures to encourage female entrepreneurship.

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Less fixed costs (at least at the beginning)

The confrontation with fixed costs (utilities, rent and labor) is typical for those doing business, especially in the initial phase. For example, today these costs may be lower than in the past. If you think about it, rental prices tend to be low in times of crisis.
Those who own a property, knowing that it is difficult to rent, are more likely to rent it cheaply than to keep it closed.
The same thing can happen to an eventual supply of an asset. The supplier, rather than losing it, sells it to you at a lower cost and you, if you are good, can create excellent margins from that material.

Doing business today is difficult and not for everyone.
Unfortunately, many are afraid to open a business. There are those who hide behind the typical saying that doing business today is difficult and not for everyone and those who complain that taxes are high. Paradoxically, it is precisely the times of economic instability that represent the best opportunities to open new businesses. These are the times you should take advantage of if you have an idea in mind and want to turn it into a real business. Why not? Maybe you will succeed! Human resources are one of the important factors in the business creation.

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