How do I get a certificate of competency for transportation?

In France, the road transport of goods and passengers is a very lucrative sector. It generates an annual turnover of 44 billion euros. Starting a company in this field can be very interesting and certainly very advantageous. However, in order to start a business in this field, one needs a certificate of transport capacity from the authorities. In order to obtain this certificate, you need to take a few essential steps.

Some information about the transport capacity 

Transport capacity  This is an essential piece of paperwork to have if you want to start a road transport business for people or goods. It is necessary for those who want to engage in land transport. There are two types of transport capacity: light transport and heavy transport. For the light transport capacity, the PMA or the maximum authorized weight must not exceed 3.5 tons. In general, one obtains this capacity following an examination, fixed by the local authorities after having obligatorily followed a formation.

As for the capacity of heavy goods transport, this capacity is also indispensable. It is also obtained after an official examination like those for light transport. It is necessary to specify that only the manager of the company must be holder of the certificate of capacity of transport.

How to obtain a Certificate of Competence for Light Goods Transport

To obtain this first type of freight transport capacity, one must follow a 105-hour training course in a approved body. Afterwards, an examination is written. If you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate of professional competence in light transport from the Prefect of the region. If you fail, you can retake the exam twice without having to go through the transport capacity training again.

It should be noted that you can be exempted from the training and the exam if you have the professional baccalaureate "Transport Operations" or the professional baccalaureate "Transport". Moreover, if you are the manager of a goods transport company, you will have the certificate in transport capacity thanks to the certificate of professional experience.

How to have the capacity of heavy transport of goods?

The procedures for obtaining a heavy haulage certificate are similar to those for light haulage. There are three steps. The first one is through a written exam which is also an annual and national evaluation. In order to take it, we must send a registration file to the DREAL of our region in accordance with the Cerfa 11414-04 form. The second is the professional experience. In order to do this, we must present to the authorities proof of management of a heavy transport company for 10 years prior to December 4, 2009. You will have to go to the DREAL with an application and a form. Finally, the third way to obtain the capacity of transport of goods is the equivalence of diploma. 

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