How to choose your hairstyle according to your face shape (woman)

You have certainly noticed how much a hairstyle can change a woman's appearance. And that in one way or another. A good hairstyle can brighten the face, give charm, and sometimes even rejuvenate a person. On the other hand, a bad hairstyle may not highlight the features of this same person, not fit his personality, or worse, give him a few more years.

When choosing your hairstyle, as well as your glasses, it is important to consider the shape of your face. This is generally referred to as face morphology. The goal is to find a balance between the shape of your face and your hairstyle in order to harmonize your general physiognomy.

Follow our advice to know precisely the shape of your face, then discover the hairstyle(s) that will suit you best and that will make you look your best.

Know the morphology (shape) of your face

Although it may not be obvious, there are generally six (06) main face shapes. To put your finger on the exact shape of your face, and if you have a long hair, start by pulling your hair backwards to let your face stand out and highlight its contours. Next, stand in front of a mirror and refer to the descriptions and photos below. One of these shapes should be familiar to you:

1. Round face

This shape is characterized by its softness and by a circular face contour. The forehead is usually not too wide, as well as the jaw. The forehead and jaw are therefore almost the same width. A round face is often accompanied by cheekbones that are also rounded.

2. Oval face 

We often talk about the ideal and perfect face shape when it comes to an oval face. Harmonious features, no pronounced angles, a wide forehead associated with a jaw that is a little less.

3. Oblong face (elongated)

Rectangular in shape and all in length as its name indicates. This gives the impression of a narrow face. The jaw is generally thin and slightly rounded.

4. Square face

The length of the face is practically equivalent to its width. A square face is distinguished by a fairly wide jaw, which is itself square. The chin is generally flat and not very pointed, while the cheeks are significantly wide.

5. Diamond or diamond face

What distinguishes this face shape from the others are the forehead and the chin which are both very narrow in relation to the center of the face. Hence the comparison with a rhombus.

6. Heart-shaped face

A heart-shaped face outlines a broad forehead, wider than the rest of the face, which gradually narrows to end almost at the chin.

Choose the right hairstyle for your face shape

Now let's get down to the nitty-gritty of finding the hairstyles that suit you best and make you look your best:

1. The right hairstyle for a round face

If you have a round face, you'll want to choose a hairstyle that breaks up the roundness, adds length to your face, and plays on asymmetry to get closer to an oval shape. Ideally, your hair should be long or medium-length. Hairstyles with volume on the top or highlights on the sides will elongate your face and give it greater harmony. It's important to avoid the fringe straight, which accentuates the width of the face, and an asymmetrical diagonal fringe (on the side) is preferable.

2. The right hairstyle for an oval face

Do you have an oval face? Rejoice, because an oval face is considered physiognomically perfect. Oval faces can wear almost any hairstyle. So do yourself a favor and try different haircuts, and who knows, maybe you'll fall in love.

Young woman with oval face
Young woman with oval face

3. The right hairstyle for an oblong face

The oblong faces will have for goal to attenuate the too lengthened aspect and to approach the oval. A low fringe (straight or diagonal) will fulfill this function wonderfully by hiding the forehead, thus reducing the distance from the chin. Short and very straight hairstyles should be avoided. Whenever possible, it is preferable to keep hair medium-length or even long with volume on the sides to widen the face.

4. The right hairstyle for a square face

Wearing long hair beyond the chin is recommended for those with a square face. The length of the hair is used to slightly mask the jawline, which is more masculine than feminine in its square shape. Side bangs that cover part of the face, such as the jaw, are a good way to soften the edges. Similarly, bangs styled on the side (diagonal) will conceal a square forehead and give it more harmonious oval proportions. On the other hand, you should avoid straight bangs, which will tend to narrow the forehead, and the square cut, which, as its name indicates, will not suit you, because your face is already square enough as it is.

5. The right hairstyle for a diamond or diamond-shaped face

Volume. Hairstyles with volume are what you need to hide a narrow forehead and crown, characteristic of the diamond face. However, it is important to make sure that the volume is mainly distributed laterally (on the sides) and not on the central part of the head. Short or very stiff cuts are not recommended.

6. The right hairstyle for a heart-shaped face

To draw attention away from the wide forehead on a heart-shaped face, while highlighting the eyes, side bangs are ideal. This trick works equally well on short or long hair. And to avoid aggravating the pointed appearance of the chin, hairstyles with volume on the crown (top of the head) are not recommended at all. The same goes for hair pulled back into a ponytail, which should also be avoided.

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