Should I change my perfume frequently?

There are so many perfumes that it is difficult to choose just one. But they are so expensive that we have to. When a bottle is finished, it is easy to be tempted to buy a different bottle, to vary the tastes and pleasures. Is this a good idea? Is it also possible to vary the perfume from one day to the next, if you are lucky enough to have several bottles at home?

A fragrance that sticks to the skin

If you've found the right scent for you, don't risk changing and looking for another one. You may not find it.

Indeed, it is not so easy to find a perfume. If it smells good in its bottle, it may smell different on your skin. The molecules that make it up adapt more or less well to you and the smell that comes out of it may therefore be different from the one you sniffed in the bottle when you bought it.

It is also for this reason that a fragrance that smells good on someone close to you may not have the same effect on you. Every skin is different and the results are not the same from one person to another.

All these reasons can explain why we remain faithful to our perfume.

This is due to genetics, but also to diet, medication, etc.

Adapting your perfume to the situation

If you have several fragrances at home, use them! There's no need to finish one before starting another. On the other hand, you should not overlap them.

Each fragrance is different, and they all have their own purpose. They are each adapted to a particular situation: a romantic date, a professional meeting, a family meal, or for everyday life.

A fragrance is also linked to a season. There are some that are particularly adapted to winter, such as those with spices or caramel. On the contrary, those with flowers or citrus fruits are suitable in warm periods.

It is therefore useful to have several scents and to vary them.

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