Some CBD food products

If you wish to discover food products based on cannabidiol or cbdWell, there are currently online stores that offer them. These food products that they are talking about are many, namely cbd oils, energy drink, cannabis high cookies and dark hemp chocolates. All types of cbd food products come from the French manufacture and respect the European standards. This allows you to benefit from quality cannabdiol food products. In case you want to use one of these products composed of cannabis, do not hesitate to buy it on our online store.

Cannabdiol oils

On sale on cbd shop ParisThe full spectrum cbd oils are made from hemp plants. These oils contain a quantity 10 ml of which 200 drops. They have a European Union certification and a different concentration. There is the one that has 20 % of concentration whose cbd content is 2000 mg. Other oils contain 5% that is 500 mg of cannabdiol and 15 % that is 1500 mg of cbd. There is still the one with 10% of concentration, which means 1000 mg of cannabdiol. If you take for example one drop for this oil with 2000 mg of cbd, you consume 10 mg of cbd. These types of edibles are allergen free, but pregnant and nursing women cannot use them.

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Cannabis high cookies

These are food products from the French brand Euphoria. Baked from natural ingredients, the high cookies cannabis are part of the food products marketed. These cookies of chocolate pieces are delicious and do not contain THC. They are made with real hemp flour. These cookies are available in two flavors, namely chocolate flavor and cannabis flavor. And their ingredients may contain allergens such as milk, trace eggs, hazelnuts, sesame, lupine and nuts.

The energy drink and dark chocolate with hemp

Another line of cbd, cannabis or hemp based edibles is the so stoned energy drink from the brand Euphoria. This type of product is on sale on our store cbd shop Paris and also throughout Europe. As healthy as it is good, your multi-nutrient drink will satisfy the needs of all taste buds. It does not contain THC. Moreover, it has everything you need to give you a boost of energy and refresh you throughout your day. So if you want to cheer up, don't hesitate to buy it on our store. You can add it to your dishes and salads. Besides that, there is also the dark chocolate cbd packed in 95g bar. This food product with 18 mg of cbd and hemp seed can also be made as a snack.

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