To whom and how to offer the goodies?

Using goodies is part of the marketing basics. This is the case for new brands as well as those that have already made their name on the market for years. However, it is still necessary to review the basics of using these promotional items to ensure the success of your prospecting. So, how does it work? Who to give them to? How to manage them so you don't spend too much on your advertising? Here is the point.

Who to give the goodies to?

To begin with, you need to choose the right people to prospect on your behalf. They will be the image that potential new customers will see. However, you don't just have to offer your promotional items to people who meet the criteria of your target audience in general. For example, even if you offer products and services for young people only, adults may have young people in their circle. Entrust them with goodies  will always allow you to advertise your brand for free.

For those who already have years of experience, and therefore customer and prospect files at their disposal, it is advisable to use them for the distribution of goodies. This will allow you to fine-tune your marketing approach and influence the budget for your advertising. This technique helps build customer loyalty while boosting sales. Customers or prospects who did not get the goodies will spend and work harder for it.

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But don't be fooled! Goodies are not only for customers. Employees can also get them. It's a token of appreciation, a kind of thank you for the previous year of collaboration. And it is also a way to confirm or ask for a new year of partnership.

At which event should I offer the goodies?

The goodies  can be offered at any time of the year, or even all year round for some new brands that are still trying to establish themselves on the market. But in most cases, it is a kind of gift that you offer to your customers and collaborators during specific events. This also allows you to have a little more impact for your advertising.

Birthdays, company parties, end of year parties or even trade shows are all occasions to celebrate the professional are particularly good opportunities to offer corporate gifts to customers and employees. The setting and the time are right for those to whom you offer the gifts to be interested in them. On the contrary, if you only catch someone in the street, when he or she is in a hurry, your goodies may be forgotten.

Which goodies to choose?

It then remains to choose the right goodies. You need an object that is useful on a daily basis to allow your prospect to use it frequently and thus ensure the visibility of your brand in an optimal way. T-shirt, Cap, Backpackshopping bag, pen, etc. the classics are still in vogue. But they're not the only ones.

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High-tech promotional items are also good ideas. We can mention among others USB keys, headphones or connected speakers, portable chargers, etc. It all depends not only on your tastes, but also on your available budget. Beware, when we talk about goodies, we are often talking about a batch of several hundred products. Indeed, to ensure a good visibility on the market, it is necessary to reach the maximum of people. Also, despite the price that some dedicated platforms can offer you, pay attention to the prices of the goodies when you make the choice.

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