Expert advice: search for roof leaks using smoke

A sudden water infiltration on a roof can cause enormous damage and cause waterproofing concerns under the house envelope. Of course, the traces of humidity and the odors of mold can easily damage your health. The use of fumigants is an excellent way of searching for water leaks without damaging the surface of the pipe. roof.

What is the fumigation technique for roof leak detection?

Smoke testing is a modern method of detecting any leak location with great accuracy at the roof level. This process consists of injecting smoke under the roof envelope with a generator to create atmospheric pressure. 

When smoke escapes or rises from a specific area of the roof, that is the precise location of the waterproofing problem. It is the most efficient and quickest way to find any water leak in the roof without breaking. Moreover, it is a device accessible to all, because it has a rather reasonable cost. 

Professionals for roof leak detection by smoke generator

As a private individual, it is very difficult to spot the slightest trace of water under a roof with the naked eye. Only a professional can get an idea of whether a roof is leaking with a single glance. 

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However, the experts use modern methods such as smoke detectors to detect water leakage on a roof with great accuracy. Thus, the experts will be able to detect waterproofing problems on the roof quite quickly, especially at the precise locations of the problem. 

However, it should be kept in mind that the use of fumigation for leak detection is only possible on roofs with air circulation under the waterproofing membrane.

Why use smoke for roof leak detection?

 There are many benefits of using fumigation for leak detection. This is why professionals generally use fumigation for the leak detection Paris 16. Here are all the good reasons for this choice.

Detect the water leak quickly enough

 The smoke detector is a modern technology to detect the water leak quickly. It allows to detect the origin of the leak with great accuracy and in the shortest possible time. 

In fact, the injection of smoke under the roof envelope makes it possible to see the traces of moisture at the precise location of the roof without causing damage to this surface. Since it is not necessary to break the roof, the experts will be able to discover the waterproofing defects in the shortest possible time.

A material accessible to all

The fumigator is an advanced material, but accessible to all. This material is very easy to use and does not require any particular skill. Only, it is necessary to know how to handle this device well in order to benefit from its various advantages. Moreover, the smoke generator is a device with cheaper prices.

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A non-destructive research method

 The smoke detector is a non-destructive search technique. It consists in detecting the slightest presence of water leakage on a roof without causing significant damage. This is the reason why the smoke is very used by professionals during their investigation of leakage Paris 16 on a roof.

In summary

Smoke is one of the most commonly used methods for finding water leaks on a roof. In addition, the smoke generator is a less expensive alternative to leak detection. However, the presence of a professional is essential to properly handle this tool. 

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